Top 5 places for a wedding proposal in Cornwall

Cornwall is about as wow as you can get if you want the perfect UK setting for your secret proposal photography.

With its stunning vistas, warmer weather and sensational venues, Cornwall, the UK’s answer to the French Riviera, offers all you need for your secret proposal shoot. As an experienced Cornwall proposal photographer, I’ve shot lots of secret engagements here and it’s always amazing.

Whether you’re planning a secret proposal in Cornwall or looking for some ideas and tips for your surprise engagement, in this article you’ll find answers to some of the most popular questions I’m asked as well as plenty of cracking photos and venue ideas.

Here are some of my favourite Cornwall venues and locations for secret wedding proposals:

(top 5 is not a ranking )

Trebah Gardens

romantic wedding proposal in Cornwall

Spoilt for choice with picturesque sub-tropical gardens, a private beach, a beautiful white Georgian manor house and the most breathtaking view, Trebah Gardens in Mawnan Smith near Falmouth is an idyllic setting for a secret proposal.

The botanical gardens are a riot of colour, glossy foliage and huge, striking plants that lead down to Trebah’s splendid private beach, Polywiddon Cove. This place is made for the camera!

From its iconic white bridge over the water garden to the astonishing vista across the valley edged by exotic blooms and its many insta-ready tropical gardens, the only difficulty is choosing where to propose.

Having photographed 4 wedding proposals, yes 4….. at Trebah & a hand full of weddings I can say I know this area very well.

20 of my favourite wedding proposal images

Trebah Gardens

St Michael’s Mount

st michaels mount wedding proposal 11

This is a majestic setting, rich with history and steeped in Cornish legend – you won’t find anywhere else like this. St Michael’s Mount is a magnificent Cornish castle on a hill, on its own tiny island in the midst of Mount’s Bay.

This historic hilltop fortress in Marazion is accessible by a cobbled causeway that’s hidden by high tide when the isle is completely surrounded by waters from the bay. The castle’s splendid stonework is accompanied by sloping stone terraces edged with lavender, rosemary, agave and other colourful botanicals.

In St Michael’s gorgeous grounds you’ll find everything from sweeping lawns to botanical gardens and a pretty chapel. This is an outstanding English castle venue guaranteed to deliver endless wow and buckets of romance.

Having photographed 2 weddings proposals at St Michael’s Mount, the bucket list shot is to have a proposal on the road that leads to the Mount, this is very dependant on the time of the time, but also the time of the year as it is an iconic attraction for tourist & photographers.

Do you like what you see?

If you planning a wedding and you like my work that you’ve just seen we should connect.

You deserve cooler memories and I would be honored to be part of your special day, wedding or engagement. Just say hi and let the journey begin.

12 of my favourite wedding proposal images

St Michael’s Mount

The Eden Project

missing picture

Escape to the tropics right here in Cornwall, with a secret wedding proposal at the Eden Project in Bodelva Par. With the iconic Mediterranean biomes and splashes of tropical plants as your backdrop, your proposal photography is guaranteed to be awesome.

This world-famous eco venue is the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience – totally unique and so romantic.

Minack Theatre

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Built into the granite Cornish cliffs, the Minack Theatre is a spectacular open-air theatre with monumental views out to sea and pretty gardens. With Porthcurno Bay below and the beautiful stonework of this world-famous theatre as your backdrop, the Minack is absolutely breathtaking and completely unique.

Boasting Ancient Greek style architecture and colourful botanical gardens, although the Minack Theatre was built over eighty years ago, it looks like a slice of Ancient Greece on the coast of Cornwall. It’s an absolutely stunning place for a proposal you’ll never forget.

Tintagel Castle

Top 5 places for a wedding proposal in Cornwall

The home of Arthurian legend, Tintagel Castle sits high on the grass-covered, jagged cliffs of the north Cornish coast. With stunning views out to sea, this sublime coastal retreat has long been the seat of Cornish kings.

In the land where Merlin, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table were said to have roamed, you’ll find plenty of heart-stopping spots where you can propose.

Tintagel is one of the UK’s most dazzling castle locations. With the waves crashing against the cliffs below and the sun high in the blue sky above as you propose amongst the beautiful castle ruins – it doesn’t get more romantic than this.

12 of my favourite wedding proposal images

Tintagel Castle

The Cornish Coastline

Boasting the best coastline in the UK, the Cornish coast delivers an infinite choice of dazzling places to shoot a proposal by the sea. As a local resident and experienced Cornwall secret proposal photographer, I know tons of spots along the coast that will deliver the spectacular coastal backdrop you want. The north coast of Cornwall is always a winner, with a stunning proposal I recently photographed at Fistral Beach.

12 of my favourite wedding proposal images

The Cornish Coastline

Secret Proposal Photography In Cornwall: What you need to know  

What does wedding proposal photography involve?

A secret wedding proposal photo shoot involves photos of both your proposal and those special moments after you’ve popped the question, when you’re both drenched in joy and still absorbing what’s just happened.

This is your special moment so I won’t be in the way or up close. It will be a private act between you and your partner. I’ll be discreetly hidden from view, in a prime position to catch all the best shots. Your partner doesn’t even have to know I’ve been taking photographs.

If you want to keep the photos a surprise to reveal at a later date, I don’t have to join you after you’ve popped the question. I can remain hidden. If however, you want to have a full photoshoot after the proposal, I will join you and we’ll have a full engagement shoot.

Do you only shoot proposals in Cornwall

No. I shoot secret wedding proposals all over the UK and around the world. I live in Cornwall so I do photograph a lot of surprise engagements here. However I also shoot proposals in Devon, the South East, London, the North, Bristol, the Swiss Alps, overseas – wherever you want.

Will you tell me how to make the most of the location for the shoot?

Absolutely, I’m here to make sure you get the best record of your wedding proposal so fire away with any questions you have. I’m always available.

Most people have questions about their surprise engagement photography so don’t feel you have to figure it all out yourself. I’ve done this many times before so from lighting to poses, locations and putting it all together, I have lots of secret proposal tips and ideas I can share with you.

I hope my Top 5 places for a wedding proposal in Cornwall was helpful, it was so hard to compile the list but if there is a place that is special to you as a couple or you have an idea I would love to hear from you.

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