Elopement wedding in Zermatt

What a stunning elopement wedding in Zermatt this was, from views of the Matterhorn from an Igloo to a bride skiing, this was a wedding photographers dream.

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Elopement wedding in Zermatt

I had to pinch myself slightly when I arrived at this wedding. I’d photographed a wedding on the same day just a year earlier, in the same venue, same church and with the same vicar for Marc & Corey’s Zermatt wedding.

There’s a bit of a story to this wedding – it nearly didn’t happen! Just two days before the wedding, the day I arrived in Zermatt, the Pastor told Robin and Ryan that as there was a funeral happening on their wedding day they’d need to move the ceremony to the day after they’d planned!

I’m sure you can imagine how well that went down with everyone! Not least because I was due to leave to fly back to the UK the day after the wedding!

Eventually, a compromise was reached, Robin and Ryan would be getting married at 5.30 pm on their original wedding day. As they didn’t want to spend the whole day waiting around for the ceremony (who can blame them!) the Riffelhaus Hotel gave them the keys to their chapel so they could hold their own, private ceremony there.

But I’ve skipped ahead, let’s rewind a few hours!

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That morning I joined Robin and Ryan at the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof. This five-star hotel is in the heart of Zermatt and really is luxurious. It’s the perfect place to get ready for your wedding!

With the ceremony taking place later than originally planned the new idea was to get ready and then head up to the Riffelhaus Chapel to exchange vows.

The journey up to the Chapel is unique. The Gornergrat Railway is a small rack railway that takes you from town up to the summit of Gornergrat. Robin and Ryan were dressed in their wedding finery but with the added accessories that are a necessity in Zermatt – snow boots and skis!

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Once we arrived at the summit the three of us headed across to Riffelhaus Chapel. This mountain chapel is a beautiful space with incredible, panoramic views of the Matterhorn. Ryan and Robin had chosen to say some words to each other in the privacy of the chapel. It was a really intimate, moving ceremony to be a small part of and I felt honoured to be sharing the moment with them.

There was then time for some photos in the snow – well the backdrop was too jaw-dropping to miss – before getting ready to ski down for a drink at Iglu Dorf.

The ski down to the Iglu was simply stunning, with Ryan & Robin skiing behind me while I ski backwards (I’ve been a ski instructor for 15years) taking photographs of them enjoying the wind in their hair and snow under their skis.

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Iglu Dorf is set in the mountains above Zermatt and has to be seen to be believed! A set of Igloos with a bar, restaurant, accommodation and pool. It’s a wedding photographer’s dream! We got ourselves a drink and Ryan even brought a beer from his own Bewarey in America called Wibby. Once we enjoyed our drinks we set off to explore the Village and take some portraits.

Drinks finished, photographs were taken, Robin thought it would be great to throw her wedding bouquet. Iglu Dorf is well known for its music and Apres drinks and was pretty busy so it didn’t take the crowd much presentation over the music system to get involved. I actually thought it would be really cool to get some footage so you will need to check out the video to see how special it was.

 With time getting away from us it was a very quick ski down the mountain to the lift so we could make our way back down the town. The Grand Zermatterhof Hotel horse and carriage picked us up from the ski lift and whisked Robin and Ryan back to the hotel for a quick freshen up before the ceremony. Phew! It had been a packed day and they weren’t even married yet!

Following their ceremony at Pfarrkirche St. Mauritius I left the newlyweds to have a private dinner before joining them at the Grand Hotel for a few night portraits in front of the beautiful building.

What a wedding! I had a lot of fun and it’s definitely up there as one of my most action-packed days!

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  1. Wow! I’m in total awe of these photos. Epic in the true sense of the word! What a bloody mega experience that must have been. Just amazing

  2. wow, such an amazing place to photography! love the color and the capture of the culture!

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