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Welcome to my world of Wedding Videography in Cornwall

I’m Paul Keppel, your go-to Cornwall wedding videographer, acclaimed for capturing the genuine emotion and distinctive essence of proposals along our stunning coastal scenery. My method transcends conventional photography and videography, aiming to narrate the profound and unique narrative of your bond. This page isn’t merely a display of my craft; it’s a resource where I share knowledge on organizing your proposal and selecting the quintessential Cornish spot, all based on my broad expertise to steer your exciting adventure.

As your Cornwall wedding videographer and wedding photographer, I pledge to make your proposal not just visually breathtaking but an enduringly memorable event. Whether it’s the peaceful shores, the dramatic cliffs, or the grand castles, I’m well-versed in Cornwall’s most scenic and significant locales. Join forces with me to forge a proposal that not only captures the moment but tells the story of your love in Cornwall’s most spellbinding settings, ensuring a memory you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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Capturing Love on Film

Photographs capture a moment—a frozen slice of time—preserving the smiles, the attire, and the ambience. They’re snapshots that invite you to remember, to reminisce about the day you pledged your lives to each other. But while photographs are windows to the past, videos are doorways. They invite you to step back into your wedding day, to live and relive those moments.

Videos bring movement to memories. They capture the gentle sway of your first dance, the way your eyes locked, and the world seemed to stand still. They record the quiver in your voice as you said your vows, the joyous applause of your loved ones, and the laughter that bubbled up during heartfelt speeches. Videos capture the subtleties—the tearful joy in a parent’s eyes, the excited whispers of friends, and the serene setting sun that bathed your Cornwall venue in golden light.

But beyond the visible, videography captures your special day’s essence—the very soul—. The ambient sounds of the waves crashing against the Cornish cliffs, the soft murmur of the breeze, the music that filled the air, and the chorus of laughter and celebration. It’s the difference between seeing a photograph of the ocean and standing at the shore, feeling the wind, hearing the waves, and smelling the salt in the air.

As your Cornwall wedding videographer, I don’t just film weddings; I capture experiences. I’m there to weave together the visual poetry of your day, crafting a cinematic narrative that resonates with the vibrancy and emotion of each moment. From the quiet, tender exchanges to the exuberant celebration, every element is captured with care and artistry.

Entrusting me with your wedding videography means you’re not just preserving memories; you’re ensuring that the essence of your love story, the atmosphere of your wedding day, and the spirit of Cornwall itself are immortalized. It’s about creating a living, breathing record of your day—a film that, with each viewing, brings you back to the warmth, love, and joy of those irreplaceable moments. As your Cornwall wedding videographer, I’m committed to transforming your wedding day into a timeless narrative, a cinematic journey you can relive, cherish, and share for a lifetime.

Featured Wedding Film in Powerham Castle, Devon

Capturing your wedding day at Powderham Castle is more than just filming an event; it’s about telling your love story amidst the splendour of one of Devon’s most iconic venues. As a wedding videographer, my goal is to preserve the magic and emotion of your special day, ensuring that every meaningful glance, joyous tear, and heartfelt vow is beautifully documented. Powderham Castle, with its rich history and breathtaking scenery, provides an unparalleled backdrop for creating cinematic wedding films that you will cherish forever.

Imagine walking down the aisle in the grand Music Room, with its elegant decor and historical charm, or exchanging vows in the serene beauty of the Rose Garden. Every corner of Powderham Castle offers unique and stunning settings that add a touch of fairy-tale romance to your wedding film. From the majestic Belvedere Tower overlooking the lush Devon countryside to the intimate nooks within the castle’s ancient walls, I’ll capture the essence of your love in a way that reflects the grandeur and intimacy of this remarkable venue.

Your wedding film will not only highlight the stunning visuals of Powderham Castle but also weave together the sounds, emotions, and moments that make your day uniquely yours. With my expertise in videography and a deep appreciation for the beauty of Powderham Castle, I ensure that your wedding film will be a timeless treasure. Together, let’s create a visual narrative that not only showcases the elegance of your venue but also celebrates the love story that brought you to this unforgettable moment.

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Featured Wedding Film in Salcombe, Devon

While my focus is on Cornwall, my camera and I travel to capture love stories in the neighbouring regions too. One such memorable wedding was in Salcombe, Devon, where the union of landscapes and hearts was nothing short of cinematic. Discover this beautiful journey at Salcombe Wedding Photographer, where photography meets videography in a picturesque Devon setting.

At the majestic Cliff House in Salcombe, your wedding videography will capture the essence of elegance and the breathtaking panorama of the coastline. This iconic venue, perched overlooking the azure waters, provides a spectacular canvas for your wedding film. As you declare your vows against the backdrop of the expansive sea and the sky meeting at the horizon, every moment is an opportunity for cinematic brilliance.

The grandeur of Cliff House, with its sophisticated architecture and the surrounding natural beauty, ensures that every scene of your wedding video is imbued with a sense of grandiosity and romance. From the intimate moments shared on the terrace under the starlit sky to the joyous celebrations within its stately halls, your wedding at Cliff House in Salcombe is transformed into a visual masterpiece, forever capturing the essence of your day in a setting that is as breathtaking as your love story.

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Uphill Farm Walled Garden Wedding Videography

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque countryside, the Uphill Farm Walled Garden and Barn presents an idyllic setting for your wedding day, offering a quintessentially charming backdrop for your wedding videography. As you exchange vows amidst the enchanting walled garden, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers, every moment becomes a scene straight out of a romantic film.

Transitioning to the rustic yet elegant barn, your celebration is bathed in the warm, ambient light that filters through its wooden beams, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Capturing your special day at Uphill Farm means your wedding video will be filled with natural beauty, rustic charm, and heartfelt moments, ensuring that each frame is imbued with the joy and love of your countryside celebration. Whether it’s the laughter shared under the open sky or the intimate dance in the barn, your wedding film will be a timeless tribute to your love story, set against the stunning backdrop of one of Cornwall’s most picturesque venues.

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Your Cornwall Wedding Videography Journey

How it works

Beginning the adventure of creating your wedding video in Cornwall is an effortless and delightful process. Here’s a detailed guide on how we’ll work together to make your special day truly memorable. Every phase of this journey is crafted to be seamless and pleasant, guaranteeing your wedding moments are beautifully immortalized in Cornwall:

Our journey starts with your story. In our initial chat, we’ll discuss your vision, preferred locations, and any special touches you desire. This is where your dream proposal begins to take shape
Securing your date is simple. With a streamlined booking process, I ensure all the details are handled efficiently, leaving you to enjoy the anticipation of your big day
On the wedding day, I discreetly capture the magic of your wedding Cinematically against Cornwall’s stunning backdrop. Expect natural, candid photos that reflect the true emotion and beauty of your wedding.
Wedding Film
Your 1-minute teaser will be delivered swiftly, offering an enchanting glimpse into your special day before unveiling the full joy and beauty in the feature film.

Detailed Service Offerings – £1600

Our Cornwall wedding videography services are designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences, ensuring that your wedding day is captured just the way you’ve imagined:

  • Full-Day Coverage: 10 hours of shooting – preparations to the evening celebrations, my full-day coverage ensures no moment goes unnoticed.
  • Teaser Reel: A beautifully edited 1 Minute short film that captures the essence of your day, perfect for sharing with friends and family.
  • Feature Film: A comprehensive 10-14 minute cinematic film representation of your entire wedding day, weaving together the key moments into a captivating narrative.
  • Drone Footage: Add a breathtaking perspective to your wedding film with aerial shots of your stunning Cornwall venue (weather permitting)
  • Ceremony & Speeches – in full (Multicam)
  • Custom Packages: Your wedding is unique, and our services can be tailored to match. Whether it’s a small, intimate ceremony or a grand affair, I have a package to suit your needs.

Why Choose Videography for Your Cornwall Wedding?

  1. Capture Every Detail: Video captures the ambience, the voices, the music – the very essence of your wedding atmosphere.
  2. Relive the Moments: While photos provide snapshots, videos bring you back to the very moment, allowing you to experience the joy and emotions all over again.
  3. A Story Told in Motion: Your wedding film is a story – your story – told with the dynamism and vibrancy that only videography can offer.

Introducing Fusion of Photography and Videography in Cornwall

Understanding the unique charm of Cornwall weddings, I’m also excited to introduce a fusion service—a blend of photography and videography. This innovative offering ensures that no aspect of your special day goes unnoticed, providing you with a comprehensive and dynamic memory collection.

Client Testimonials

Love Stories Brought to Life

As the top choice for many as a wedding videographer in Cornwall, the feedback I receive goes beyond mere reviews; it’s a reflection of the confidence couples have in entrusting me to document their most precious memories. Every glowing endorsement here echoes the happiness and contentment of the couples I’ve had the honour to work with. Delve into the accolades from these couples and discover why I’m renowned as the preferred wedding videographer in Cornwall for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Dan & Sophie
“Paul created our wedding video which is just perfect! He captured the day even better than we could have ever hoped for, from getting ready to be on the boat he was great to have around and felt part of the wedding party yet professional! We would highly recommend Paul for your wedding videography. Thank you so much again!!!”

Let’s Create Magic Together

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we’re here to capture every laugh, tear, and dance move most authentically and beautifully. Whether you’re right here in Cornwall or a neighbouring region like Devon, we’re excited to be a part of your love story.

Join the couples who’ve entrusted us with their most precious moments and let’s create a wedding film that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Your journey to an unforgettable wedding film starts here.

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need further information. I’m here to make your wedding videography Cornwall experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

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