About Me

I am Paul Keppel. I specialise in wedding photography covering the whole of the UK but predominantly the South-West. I have been passionate about photography ever since studying at secondary school. Having followed my formal education with careers in bar management and ultimately ski instruction, I recently returned to full-time education to secure a degree in photography. The degree in Applied Media is a vocational course which covers every aspect of photography from studio work, traditional film and darkroom practice, and the history of photography, to designing marketing material and self-promotion. I dedicate myself to creating fresh and contemporary images and keeping myself in touch with current and emerging trends in the world of fashion.

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When not behind the camera

I can be found teaching skiing & taking photographs in Switzerland. When I am not working I’m searching for untouched powder on the ski slope. It has been another beautiful day in the mountains, blue skies, fresh snow and sunshine. I have finished teaching for the day and now I am preparing my kit! Camera batteries are charged, lenses are cleaned, and the thermos flask is filled. The only thing that stands between me and a fantastic sunset shot, is a one hour hike back up the mountain, long after the lifts are closed. I reach the mid station at 2400 meters and the view across Verbier is stunning. It is 7C but with a warm cup of tea in one hand and my eye to the viewfinder, I wait in anticipation as the mountains become dark and rocky silhouettes against the fiery sunset.

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Mission statement

I pride myself on delivering a quality wedding photography service, which pays close attention to not only everything that you want but striving to push the boundaries and exceed your expectations. My photographic style is a blend of capturing images in a reportage/documentary style but also creating unique images using dramatic lighting so I don’t give you the same photos all your friends have. I aim to create magical photos for you to forever remember your special day.

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