Best Wedding Proposals of 2023 in Cornwall

As I look back on 2023, it’s with a heart full of joy and a camera brimming with memories of love and commitment. This year, Cornwall has once again provided the most picturesque backdrops for the most romantic wedding proposals, each location telling its own love story.

The serene and expansive Watergate Bay has been a favourite among couples, offering a canvas of natural beauty where emotions and the sea meet. Tintagel Castle, with its rich history and breathtaking views, provided a setting that felt like stepping into a fairy tale – perfect for those looking to infuse their proposal with a touch of magic.

St. Michael’s Mount has continued to be a treasured spot for lovebirds. The unique charm of this island, accessible only at low tide, created unforgettable moments of surprise and delight. And, of course, Trebah Gardens – my most frequented spot this year – where the lush gardens and secluded corners have witnessed more ‘yeses’ than any other place in Cornwall. Its popularity as a proposal spot is truly well-deserved.

Each of these locations, along with others explored in my ‘Top 10 Places for a Wedding Proposal in Cornwall‘ blog post, has been a stage for the intimate, heartwarming moments I’ve been privileged to capture.

To all the couples who chose me to document the start of their forever, thank you. Reaching my 50th proposal this year has been a milestone that fills me with gratitude. Whether it was under the expansive skies of Watergate Bay or amidst the historical whispers of Tintagel Castle, each proposal has been unique and deeply moving.

Here’s to the love that was celebrated, the bonds that were strengthened, and the beautiful beginnings that unfolded. I am already excited about what 2024 has in store, ready to capture more moments of love and surprise in Cornwall’s enchanting settings.

Thank you, 2023, for the moments of joy. See you all in 2024 for more magical beginnings.

80 of my favourite proposal photographs in Cornwall

Paul is super friendly and truly amazing! Right from helping me in planning of the proposal and recommending an event planner for the lovely setup to the perfect delivery of beautiful pictures, he has done an incredible job.
The photos were delivered very quickly, are of the highest quality and look so natural and vibrant like they are telling a story. Very thankful for his exceptional job in making our big day so memorable :)

10/10 and definitely recommend if you want the perfect photography experience.


Behind the scenes at a Cornwall wedding proposal

In my quest to capture the essence of each unique wedding proposal, I’ve added a new, immersive layer to the experience: behind-the-scenes videos. These videos offer a rare glimpse into the magic that unfolds during these life-changing moments.

Each video begins with a personal intro from me, setting the scene and sharing a bit of what makes each proposal so special. This introduction is more than just a prelude; it’s a window into my passion for capturing love stories and the excitement I feel before each proposal.

The footage, captured on my GoPro or Insta 360, offers a dynamic and intimate perspective. You’ll see everything from the meticulous preparation involved in setting the perfect scene to the candid, unscripted reactions of the couples at the moment of the proposal. This raw, unfiltered view brings an authenticity to the storytelling that still images alone cannot convey.

And, of course, the videos culminate with a few of my favourite images from each proposal shoot. These carefully selected photos capture the essence of the couple’s joy and the beauty of the surroundings, immortalizing the moment they decided to embark on a lifelong journey together.

Through these videos, I aim not just to document, but to tell a story – the story of love, anticipation, and the raw emotion that comes with a proposal. It’s a way for couples to relive their special moment and for others to share in the joy and beauty of their commitment to each other.

Enjoy Julius & Olivia’s BTS from a Trebah Gardens wedding proposal.

I booked Paul for a surprise proposal photo shoot and he did not disappoint. The photos taken were amazing, better than I could have ever imagined.
Paul guides you through every step of the way and I couldn’t have felt more confident on the day. Thanks Paul for your brilliant work!☺️


Behind the scenes at a Newquay wedding proposal

Another highlight from my collection of behind-the-scenes videos features a breathtaking proposal in front of the Headland Hotel, with Fistral Beach’s stunning views providing a picturesque backdrop. The video captures the essence of this remarkable location and the unforgettable moment for the couple.

As the waves gently lapped against the shore, the anticipation built up to the heartfelt proposal, creating a scene that was as romantic as it was natural. The couple’s joy and surprise, set against the grandeur of the Headland Hotel and the natural beauty of Fistral Beach, are vividly captured in both the video and the selection of my favourite photographs from the shoot.

This proposal was not just a testament to their love but also a showcase of Cornwall’s captivating scenery, further highlighting why it’s such a sought-after destination for these life-changing moments.

Enjoy this Newquay proposal reel.

Best wedding proposals of 2023 in Cornwall

As this visual journey through 2023’s most heartfelt proposals comes to an end, I’m reminded of the power and beauty of love in all its forms. Each photo in this collection not only represents a unique story but also symbolizes the trust and connection shared with me by these incredible couples. The feedback and stories I’ve received have been both humbling and inspiring.

They serve as a vivid reminder of why I cherish this work so much. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your most precious moments. Here’s to love, laughter, and a lifetime of happiness. I eagerly anticipate the stories and memories that 2024 will bring, ready to capture them with the same passion and dedication. Until then, cherish these moments and each other.

Reflecting on my best wedding proposals of 2023 in Cornwall, each moment stands out as a testament to the unique love stories I had the privilege to capture in this breathtaking region.

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