Wedding Photographer Cornwall

Welcome to your dream Cornwall wedding! I am Paul Keppel, your local Cornwall wedding photographer, I am here to capture every precious moment against the stunning backdrop of our seas, cliffs and fields. With a relaxed, documentary style, I ensure your wedding photos reflect the genuine joy of your day.

Thinking of Getting Married? Why Choose Cornwall Over Anywhere Else in the UK?

You might be wondering, “Why should I get married in Cornwall?” The answer lies in the unique magic of this stunning region. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by dramatic cliffs and expansive seascapes, creating a wedding album filled with images more akin to fine art. Cornwall isn’t just another location; it’s a getaway into nature’s embrace, where each wedding becomes a bespoke tale of romance and scenic splendor.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Cornwall offers not just beauty but a serene and intimate setting that stands out from the rest of the UK. Here, your special day will be more than just a ceremony; it will be an unforgettable experience drenched in natural beauty and personal touches.

So, why not let Cornwall be the canvas for your love story? Are you ready to step into a picture-perfect wedding day that goes beyond your dreams?

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Discover more about what makes Cornwall the perfect choice for your wedding

Read my blog post on the top reasons to consider getting married in Cornwall, and see how this spectacular location can transform your special day into something truly magical. Why wait? Your dream wedding awaits!

Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer in Cornwall For You

Authentic Emotion

Your wedding photos are so special. Apart from your love for each other they’re the only part of your wedding which will last. In years to come, it’s to these photographs you and your loved ones will turn for reminders, which once again, connect you back to your memories of your wedding day. I take that responsibility seriously, that’s why it’s so important your wedding photography is a relaxed, fun experience that’s a seamless part of the joy of your day.

The result? Beautiful, striking, warm wedding photos you’ll love.

My wedding photography style is characterised by emotive, artistic images which capture the authentic happiness, love and excitement both of you, as well as your loved ones, will feel on the day. Each shot I take is always further amplified by the natural beauty of your Cornwall location. Authenticity is at the heart of connection and every aspect of my approach to wedding photography is rooted in ensuring your experience remains natural and enjoyable so what you see in your wedding photographs is genuine heartfelt emotion.

Paul Keppel

I’m a warm, friendly, laid-back Cornish guy who loves what he does. I want your wedding photography to be stress-free, organic and fun. I’m not going to ask you to pose or do anything unnatural. I’ll capture the natural, emotion-filled moments from your day as they happen to mean you’ll have emotive, meaningful images which have the power to take you back to each moment from your wedding every time you see them. 

Wedding photos bridge what will be an ever-widening gap between your wedding day and your memories. When you look at your wedding photos in years come, I want each one to remind you of a different part of your day and the love, happiness and joy you felt at that time.

Best Cornwall Wedding Photography Experience

Blending relaxed documentary wedding photography and creative artistic portraits, I deliver a photography style that is perfect for wedding photography in Cornwall. One of the many reasons Cornwall is one of the country’s best destinations is you can’t help but relax and unwind when surrounded by so much unspoiled beauty.

As an award-winning Cornwall wedding photographer, I’ve been lucky to photograph over 250 weddings in Cornwall. It’s no surprise couples who choose to get married in Cornwall want their wedding photography to be relaxed but amazing – that’s the hard-to-find combination I deliver. I can’t imagine taking awful, stiff, forced photos in such an awe-inspiring place! Instead, I’ll provide you with sensational, creative images with artistic flair. Each photograph is filled with emotions that let your love and stunning natural surroundings do the talking.

Organic, Artistic & Fun

 I’m not going to get you to twist yourself into awkward poses or do anything unnatural. I certainly won’t get in the way or take up lots of time. Instead, I’ll capture the true magic, special stories and genuine emotions of each part of your day in sublime, organic ways you’ll still adore in years to come. With me, your wedding photography will be an enjoyable and relaxed experience, producing photos organically that record the genuine joy of the day. Once complete, these wedding photos are the lifelong mementoes which will instantly transport you and your loved ones back to each special moment of your wedding day.  

Creative Documentary Wedding photographer in Cornwall

I shoot creative, stylish portraiture – artistic shots which are unique and have a real wow factor yet are still timeless. Blending my creative eye with documentary photography delivers stand-out wedding photos which are different from the standard looks so many of your friends will have.

I love to play with light and as a Cornish wedding photographer, I also adore using the magnificent Cornish landscapes which surround your wedding venues. Your wedding day is yours to enjoy so I keep things really relaxed and fun. Focused on everything you want from your wedding photography, I always aim to exceed your expectations with photographs that go beyond what you thought possible. For every couple, my goal is to deliver a set of wedding photos that are truly special – majestic images that will continue to wow you and your loved ones for years to come.

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Why Choose Cornwall For Your Wedding?

Looking for an idyllic and breathtaking location to say “I do”? Look no further than Cornwall! With its dramatic coastline, stunning countryside, and wealth of historic landmarks, Cornwall provides the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

Cornwall’s attraction as a wedding destination is multi-layered. One of the biggest reasons so many couples choose to get married in Cornwall is that it feels like a destination wedding but without the financial demands on family, friends, and yourselves.

You’ll relish an amazing choice of wedding venues, each so different and unique in its own way. Wedding venues with all sorts of picturesque rural settings offer something to suit every taste. If you want open fields, bell tents, and yurts for a festival and glamping extravaganza or an elegant Georgian manor house in the country for a weekend blow-out celebration, a divine barn setting, a boutique hotel by the sea – whatever it is, you can get it here and it will be stunning.

For family and friends, there are beautiful places to stay and lots of fun things for loved ones of all ages to enjoy. Cornwall’s reputation as a trendy hotspot means you still get the glam feel of an overseas location, along with warm Cornish weather and dazzling backdrops for your wedding photographs.

Best Wedding Photography Locations in Cornwall

As a local, who has a passion for wedding photography, I’m always out and about with my camera uncovering incredible places to photograph across Cornwall. I’ve worked at most of Cornwall’s best wedding venues as well as a number of more unusual locations. From dreamy Lusty Glaze Beach to St Ive’s, Truro, Padstow, Crantock Beach, Dartmoor National Park, Newquay, Fowey, and Holywell Bay, whatever the Cornwall location, I always know the best places to take amazing shots no one else will have.

Although I’m a wedding photographer in Cornwall, I also photograph weddings in Devon and around the world.

Best Cornwall Wedding Venues

Whatever your wedding style, from boho weddings to festival weddings, castle weddings, eco weddings, weddings in stately homes or manor houses, beach weddings, and barn weddings, you’ll revel in an enormous choice of top Cornwall wedding venues in magnificent surroundings.

I’ve been lucky to photograph weddings at a huge number of Cornwall’s best wedding venues numerous times and each is guaranteed to deliver phenomenal wedding photography. Some of Cornwall’s best wedding venues include Nancarrow Farm, Pendennis Castle, the Isles of Scilly, Ufton Court, the Eden Project, Knightor Winery, Lusty Glaze Beach, The Carlyon Bay Hotel, Trevenna Barns, Carbis Bay Hotel, Scorrier House, Mount Pleasant Eco Park, The Greenbank Hotel and lots more.

Top Cornwall Beach Wedding Venues

Cornwall’s beaches are of course legendary and even if you don’t have your ceremony on the beach, an enormous number of Cornish wedding venues have a beach or bay located very close by where we can take some awesome beach shots. The top favourite beaches in Cornwall are in Newquay and are perfect for your wedding photography include: Lusty Glaze Beach, Crantock Beach, and Holywell Beach. At Lusty Glaze, you can actually get married on the beach. It’s the only Cornwall beach where you can legally exchange your vows on the sand.

As a wedding photographer in Cornwall, I have the added advantage of knowing all sorts of hideaway bays you would only know if you’re a local, professional wedding photographer with a passion for uncovering romantic nooks!

How much does a wedding photographer Cornwall cost?

Wedding photographer costs vary greatly and can change according to the wedding photography package you want. Top wedding photographers offer a range of packages so you can choose the combination of services you need at a cost that suits your budget.

 I offer a range of packages including different costs for a full-day, half-day, or mid-week service. There is a variety of elements that may increase your wedding photography costs further. For example, if your wedding photographer is accompanying you on a destination wedding abroad, if you want to add a second wedding photographer for a large wedding or if you decide to add special requirements for your finished prints.

My wedding costs are always inclusive of a pre-wedding consultation, a password-protected private online gallery accessible to family and friends, edits in both colour and black and white, and lots more.