Olympic torch wedding in Falmouth

Congratulations to Sean & Nicola who had their wedding the day before the Olympic torch arrived into Cornwall.  Sean who is a PSCO was chosen to carry the Olympic torch in Falmouth, and even had to cut short his wedding breakfast at Oliver’s ‘the eatery’ Restaurant as the pair were whisked off to RNAS Culdrose where Sean appeared live on the BBC’s The One Show’s Olympic Torch Special.

The day went perfectly with me starting at the bride’s house to catch Nicola and her two daughters getting ready. Then it was straight off to Falmouth Registry Office to capture candid photographs of Sean and the guests arriving. After a very emotional ceremony, Sean and Nicola were greeted by two Police cars and half of Falmouth’s Police force. We quickly moved the guests down to Kimberly Park to capture the group shots but also some intimate shots of the couple sharing their special moment.

I left Sean and Nicola to head to Oliver’s as I had a frantic rush home to upload the photographs and edit one of two as Sean was asked by The One Show to provide a photograph to appear on the live show.

The following day Sean ran not just one but two sections with the Olympic torch in Falmouth and then carried on the wedding celebrations by transforming there back garden to hold there evening do of the wedding. I did hear it sounded a good night as 35 bottles of champagne were drunk.

After 12 years of being together you make a great couple and I wish you all the best for the future.

As usual a few of my favourites from the wedding are shown below.  Please feel free to share on social media or comment.

Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth01 Sean_nicola Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth05 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth06 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth07 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth08 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth10 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth12 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth13 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth14 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth15 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth16 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth17 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth18 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth19 Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth20Sean Being greeted by half of the Falmouth Police station, and 2 panda cars parked outside. I bet the neighbours were wondering what the hell was going on. lol

Olympic_torch_wedding_falmouth21 Olympic torch in falmouth Olympic torch in falmouth Olympic torch in falmouth Olympic torch in falmouth Olympic torch in falmouth Olympic torch in falmouth Olympic torch in falmouth Olympic torch in falmouth Olympic torch in falmouth

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