Keppelling wedding ring method

Keppelling wedding ring tutorialI’m going to show you how I get consistent wedding ring photographs using a cheap L.E.D light and a macro lens

I’ve put together a little video tutorial after a few people were interested in how I photographed my wedding rings. They are even nick-naming the technique the “Keppelling” method which is a play on the Brenizer method.


Video by Chris Wasey at Babalu Films

Wedding venue: The Alverton Hotel in Truro

Wedding rings: Klimek Jewellers

I always struggled to get consistent wedding ring photographs until I started using the YongNuo YN-160 LED Video Light Keppelling wedding ring method 1. Anybody that has photographed using a macro lens knows that you have such a small area in focus and it can be hard getting sharp images. Add into the equation the fact that I was doing this one handed whilst holding a L.E.D light in the other hand, I was always going to struggle. Well, my arm started to get tired and I placed the L.E.D light on the piano on its barns doors and I had one of those ‘lightbulb moments’. Why don’t I keep the L.E.D on its barn doors and use it to create a light tent. Wow, I couldn’t believe the outcome, my first ever image using this method.

Keppelling method using a toaster, bin lid, tv stand

I tend to work alone so most of the wedding ring photographs are done during the wedding breakfast while everybody is eating, with the odd exception of when the groom is getting ready in the same venue as the bride. I remember walking in to a hotel apartment and I couldn’t find anything that was reflective or shiny to place the rings on. This was happening while the groom was having breakfast and I heard the toaster pop. I looked over and the toaster had brushed metal sides.

Here are a few more images from the “Keppelling” wedding ring method.

wedding ring tutorial using the Keppelling method
Keppelling wedding ring photograph using a £3 tiles bought from a hardware store

Above image -Metadata: iso 1600 f13 1/200sec

Wedding ring tutorial using a piano top
Keppelling method using a piano surface

Above image -Metadata: iso 900 f7.1 1/200sec

Toaster being used for the Keppelling wedding ring surface
The brushed metal side of a toaster being used as the surface

Above image -Metadata: iso 1200 f11 1/200sec

You are not limited to just wedding rings. I often photograph the earrings, bracelets, and necklaces using the exact same technique as the rings.

the Keppelling method can be used for ear rings, and other jewellery too


  1. Many thanks for that Paul; great stuff – has given me a few ideas for my macro insects too …

  2. Paul: Inspirational stuff. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I wish I had been aware of this technique when asked to photograph a pair of cufflinks recently. The result was acceptable but if I had used your method, it would have been outstanding. I have ordered a Yongnuo light. You should be on commission!

  3. i have the d800 and the sigma 105mm 2.8 the same one as the one you use it. if i want to keep my iso low. around 400? will be a problem with lower shutter speed?

    • Hi there, I shot a ring at the weekend and my settings were iso500 f8 1/200, the d800 is a great camera with amazing iso but if you are worried about low shutter speeds the best option is use a tripod. If you photographing rings for a wedding, then they at best they will be A4 in an album and you won’t have a problem see any noise unless your are pulling the exposer a lot in ps or Lr. :-)

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