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Falmouth University | Tremough Campus

I spoke to Ian & Natalie about their Falmouth Engagement photographs and asked them to choose a location that was special to them. They sometimes take their children up to Argal reservoir but due to the horrible weather leading up to the day this was out of the question as the paths were very muddy.

I’ve been to Tremough Campus a few times and it offers a variety of backgrounds and textures so I offered this location as an alternative. Sometimes the best locations are ones that are on your doorstop and you’d totally forgotten about.

Tremough Campus was a Convent School before being sold to Falmouth college of Arts a few years ago. It now boasts a blend of old and new with some stunning architectural buildings alongside the beautiful Tremough House and gardens which was built in the 1700’s.

I arrived at Tremough twenty minutes before Ian & Natalie were due to get there to have a quick search around for a few different locations. We started off nice and easy down on the wooden bridge that leads up in to the vast gardens. This is a popular spot for dog walkers so we did have a few stops here and there for them to move out of shot.  We used the time well, and moved to a few different locations that would bring us back to the cars.

As usual here is a selection of some of my favourite Falmouth Engagement photographs.  Please feel free to share on social media, or leave a comment.

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