Preview: Rod & Sara – Bubbles at Trevenna Barns

Bubbles at Trevenna barns 1I’ve photographed a few weddings where they have had bubbles instead of confetti but never as good as this one.  Even when you have everybody together blowing at the same time, there are never quite enough bubbles to look good in an image. The key here was having two small child bubble machines behind the couple (up wind so they blow straight down the aisle) and have them blowing for 20seconds before we started off down the aisle. Then add in the guests blowing bubbles which makes for a perfect picture that is magical and enchanting!

Bubbles at Trevenna barns 1If you would like me to photograph your bubbles at Trevenna Barns then please do not hesitate to contact me or to view more photographs head over to my blog

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