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As a Zermatt wedding photographer reaching Zermatt is an experience in itself to get to. It is neither the easiest, nor the quickest place to get to but it is worth the wait. I think if you had to sum up Zermatt in one word, ‘magical’ would be it. The first experience is boarding the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway which winds its way up the mountain to the town of Zermatt. The track follows the winding river, slowing down in places where there is an incredible view. The train, on its narrow gauge track navigates numerous tunnels, bridges and valleys. The highlight of the journey is the first view of the unique majestic Matterhorn shining brilliantly in the sunlight.

Zermatt has a soothing tranquil feel helped no doubt by it being a car free zone.  There are no motor vehicles in Zermatt. Apart from electric cars, horse sleighs and carriages the only other means of transportation is by push bike.

Zermatt is great location for a wedding as it reduces the numerous options and decisions you have to make in England. In Zermatt the only option is to get married in the Town Hall. There are just one or two florists in town, and the choice of transport is limited to either an electric car or a horse and carriage.

The whole town is very charming with a mix of old and new buildings that blend really well. The village itself has narrow lanes and old wooden barns with slate roofs, many of them supported on stone ‘legs’. These give Zermatt its character.

I think that if you were to choose Zermatt for your wedding destination then the Matterhorn would have to play a huge part in the decision as it has to be one of the most photographed mountains in the world. Just walking through the town you will see endless images of the Matterhorn on key rings, t-shirts, plates, and other trinkets. It is a truly iconic image!

Overall, I think the biggest greatest reason for choosing Zermatt is its cosy, romantic atmosphere.

Here is a selection of personal favourites from a Zermatt wedding photographer.

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