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The biggest perk of being a Zermatt wedding photographer is having views of the Matterhorn in every direction, As the highest ski resort in Switzerland, Zermatt’s spectacular location is awash with awesome vistas, sublime skiing, tons of winter sports and lots of things to do. Both a top choice for ski enthusiasts and Swiss Alps weddings, Zermatt is one of my favourite places. I visited many years as a ski instructor and still return lots of times throughout the year to photograph weddings. 

15 Zermat photos from an award winning wedding photographer

Below is a short gallery from weddings I have photographed in the Zermatt over the past few years. These Winter & summer wedding photographs are some of my favourite I have ever captured. Please take a look through and if you are getting married in the area then please get in touch.


Bahnhofstrasse is the place for top shops, restaurants, bars and apres-ski. Perfect after you’ve enjoyed the phenomenal ski runs of the Matterhorn – some of the best in Switzerland.

The Matterhorn is famed for its long ski runs. All year round you can look forward to 360km of blue, red, black and yellow runs, ski tours, freeride downhill runs, night skiing and heliskiing – accessed by a bounty of cable cars, lifts, mountain railways and the Matterhorn Glacier Ride.

For those who are less experienced, there are an array of great ski schools and tons of places to rent equipment– as a former ski instructor I can vouch for the quality of the tuition available!

Snowpark Zermatt guarantees hours of fun snowboarding and freestyle skiing, whilst Klein Matterhorn is the ideal place to scream your lungs out as you snow-tube down the 3883m high run.

The Winkelmatten trail is a brilliant chance to cycle high into the mountains from the Winkelmatten chapel, up into Furi and on past Stafel until you reach Schwarzee where you can relish the descent down the face of Aroleid. Alternatively, the five mountain biking trails from Gornergrat are equally thrilling.

Outdoor ice skating rinks, snowshoe trails, curling rinks, spas and shopping provide plenty of other options. For tours, the impressive Gornergrat Railway will take you up through the heights of the Riffelberg and on to the Gornergrat Observatory. Meanwhile, the old alpine village of Hinterdorf, the Matterhorn Museum and Gorner Gorge are more top sights you’ll want to visit.

Get up close and personal at the Glacier Palace where you can descend 15 metres into a glacier. After passing through the ice tunnel, you will find yourself amongst glacier crevasses, ice toboggan runs, ice sculptures, ice crystals and more.

An unforgettable ascent on the Matterhorn glacier ride will take you to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. The 360 degree views from the highest 3S cableway in the world are show-stopping and that’s before you’ve even reached the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise!

Admire the incredible views across Italy, France, Switzerland and on to the Mediterranean from the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. From 4000 metres up, on the Theodul Glacier, you can soak in the extraordinary vista that takes in Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, the Weisshorn, the Breithorn, the distinct south face of the Matterhorn and more.

If you fancy something active, you can take a guided hike up the Breithorn, ski or hang around nonchalantly in the hope of bumping into the many international pro skiers who use the area for training!

For food, Zermatt has a vast choice of restaurants offering hearty Swiss cuisine to help you refuel after a long ski run, as well as global dishes and plenty of fine wine.

Apres-ski is, of course, an important time of the day and Zermatt’s lively scene will ensure there is plenty of fun to be had by all! Pubs, clubs and bars are scattered everywhere, including the piste, so a refreshing beer, spirit-laced hot chocolate, cocktail and plenty of friendly cheer will ensure your afternoons and evenings are events to remember.


With such a fantastic range of things to do, you’ll be pleased to know that Zermatt’s wedding venues don’t disappoint. Keeping up the expectation for amazing experiences, Zermatt has a tantalising range of different wedding venues for your Swiss Alps wedding.

Iglu Dorf is an amazing igloo wedding venue on the Matterhorn. Located in an igloo village that sits right on the piste, the site of your ceremony is inside a beautifully sculpted igloo. Providing a stunning backdrop for your wedding and Zermatt wedding photography, the site includes a romantic hotel, ice bar, restaurant, spa and lots more.

Situated just below the home run from Furi, Zum See restaurant is a popular choice with a wide gourmet menu, glorious views of the Matterhorn and the opportunity to take a romantic toboggan ride together.

For more top Zermatt wedding venues read my Top 5 Zermatt wedding venues blog.

As an experienced Zermatt wedding photographer, I have tons of experience of these top Zermatt wedding venues and more. I am also an expert skier and former resident of Zermatt (I still come back a number of times a year). 


Whether you are an amateur, professional or a wedding photographer, Zermatt is the place to go in the Alps for stunning mountain views or photographs of the chocolate box village. While walking around the resort you will no doubt pass the Kirchbrucke Bridge which offers the perfect location for photographing the Matterhorn at any time of day or night. you find people taking selfies with the Matterhorn in the background, amateur photographs as well as professional photographers with tripods, all using the river as a leading line up to the magnificent Matterhorn Matterhorn mountain.

Or if you have travelled from around April-October time armed with a Telephoto lens you might catch a glimpse of some Marmots while hiking around the mountain.

If you have chosen to go out in the wintertime, or upon the glacier which is open during the summer you need to remember a few things if are taking your camera. Firstly, make sure your batteries are fully charged and if you can have more than one. If you have your camera out for long periods of time your batteries can drain a lot quicker than when in the resort.

The second would be rain cover, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a plastic bag and an elastic band will do just a good a job, the weather can change quite a lot up the mountain depending where the freezing level is it could be raining at the bottom of the lift and snowing at the top.

Last of all, is condensation on your camera lenses. This happens when there is a rapid change in temperature so coming straight for a very cold outside to a walk inside your camera Lens will start to fog over. You want to allow your camera and lenses to come up to temperature slowly.  You’ll also want to make sure you have at least a couple of cloths  and lens cloths inside your bag to dry them out with

I’ve photographed about 8 or 9 weddings in Zermatt so I know it pretty well, being an ISIA ski & snowboard instructor for 15 years really comes into its own when following bride & grooms around the mountain in their wedding attire. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who can ski then please get in touch or call me on +44 (0) 7854172143


  1. Amazing work Paul! I’ve been wanting to visit Zermatt and see the Matterhorn, this makes me want to get there even more!

  2. What an amazing set of pictures! You do an excellent job of keeping detail in the brides dress yet keeping the whites in the snow, not easy..

  3. Wow, these are fab, Paul (been stalking the blog since seeing your NineDots replies!). Very impressive, and that scenery ?

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