Winter Makeup Photography

Winter Makeup Photography was the theme of this studio session. This was a photoshoot from December last year. The inspiration for the session derived from watching the polar bears on ‘Frozen Planets’ featured on the BBC 1 and narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

This gave me the idea for doing a Christmas snow themed shoot. On researching snow themed shoots I consulted my book “Makeup Is Art” and saw a photo by Rachel Wood. She wanted to create an impression of a girl trapped in a snow globe using stencils of snowflakes on the models face.

I’ve worked with Bronnen,a makeup artist a few times on various shoots and her makeup artistry is amazing. Not wanting to copy Rachel Wood’s makeup photo I showed Bronnen the photograph and we worked together to come up with our own spin on the idea.

With winter makeup photography remaining the main theme, I still loosely wanted to keep the polar bear image in the session. I asked Lucy if she had any garments with faux fur and luckily she had a white fur hood that un-zipped from a coat.

Bron did an amazing job on the makeup and hair and used Swarovski crystals around the eyes. To achieve the snow effect she patted sugar into lip gloss and dusted it with glitter for Lucy’s eye lashes, eye brows and cheeks.

The jewellery from Amanda K Bridal was selected to reinforce the winter image with sparkling facial ornaments, icicle shaped earrings and a necklace and bracelet representing the glint of sun kissed ice.

I have not tried a time lapse video in the studio before so was not too sure about the lighting, but here is my first attempt. For my vision of the time lapse to be achieved it was essential for the model to remain still so would have been better to refrain from conversation with her at the time.

It was a pleasure to work with the girls and hope they like the final out come as much as I do.

As usual here are a few of my favourites shown below.

 winter makeup photography 1 Cornwall portrait photographerwinter makeup photography 2 Cornwall portrait photographerwinter makeup photography 3 Cornwall portrait photographerwinter makeup photography 5 Cornwall portrait photographerwinter makeup photography 4 Cornwall portrait photographer

 If you are considering some winter makeup photography, or wedding photography then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Model – Lucy Frost

Makeup Artist – Bronnen Lloyd

Jewellery – Amanda K bridal



  1. I loved this blog; what beautiful work! The model is stunning, the make-up is amazing, and the photography, particularly the lighting, is breath-taking :-)

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