Wedding at Truro Cathedral

Wedding at Truro Cathedral

It is not every day you get the chance to photograph a wedding at Truro Cathedral, but what a spectacular place it is. I was very lucky to have my university graduation within the Cathedral and it definitely brings the ‘wow’ factor to your wedding.
The Cathedral is located at the heart of Truro with its spires towering over the rooftops of the Cornish city and visible for miles. Truro Cathedral is one of only three cathedrals in the United Kingdom with three spires.
It was built by John Loughborough Pearson in the Gothic Revival architectural style fashionable during much of the nineteenth century. John Loughborough Pearson was renowned for his work on churches and cathedrals but he also built The Great Hall at the Alverton Hotel in Truro.
Truro Cathedral, is an impressive venue, but it isn’t always the easiest place to host your wedding as there are a few restrictions. They receive hundreds of requests each year from brides but you need to live within the Parish as with any church wedding, and you also have to have a connection with the Cathedral, which means they only host a dozen weddings a year.

If you have a wedding at Truro Cathedral then you need to make use of the amazing acoustics by using the grand piano or having a choir and organ player to give a fantastic atmosphere.

As usual here is a selection of some of my favourites from a wedding at Truro Cathedral. Please feel free to share on social media, or leave a comment.

belcony view of a Truro Cathedral weddingTruro Cathedral WeddingBride and Groom wedding at Truro Cathedral

If you are having a wedding at Truro Cathedral and would like to discuss your wedding photography in further detail then don’t hesitate to contact me or to view more wedding photographs head over to my blog.

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