Wedding at The Falmouth Hotel

Wedding at The Falmouth Hotel

Michael & Hannah

Ceremony |  St Georges Church, Truro

Reception | The Falmouth Hotel

Wedding Photographer Cornwall |Paul  Keppel

Michael and Hannah’s wedding at the Falmouth Hotel was met with beautiful sunshine throughout the day. This was my first wedding at the Hotel due to Michael and Hannah originally booking the Falmouth Beach Hotel before it sadly burnt down.

The day started at Hannah’s parents’ house which is a stone’s throw from St George’s church where they were due to get married. The house was divided into make up room, hair room and a ‘Do not enter’ which is where Hannah was keeping her dress a secret with only herself and her mum having seen it.

The ceremony was beautiful, and while the signing of the register was taking place Michael’s sister and friend took stage at the front and sang a couple of operatic songs.

The week before the wedding l I met Michael and Hannah to go through the time line of the day and to see what time we had for photographs. They both had their hearts set on heading to Gyllyngvase Beach and Castle beach for some photographs. To allow us to use the time wisely I drove to the locations the day before the wedding to explore some backdrops. On driving back to the hotel the Princess Pavilions looked amazing with the daffodils out in full bloom so I suggested that this would be a great location for some photographs.

I was informed by Hannah the day before the wedding that they would be having a ‘bouncy castle’ on the lawn of the Falmouth hotel, not just for the kids mind you, the adults could join in on the fun too.

With some humorous and emotional speeches by Hannah’s Dad, Michael and his two best men, this led to a surprise for Hannah as she loves magic. Her father arranged for a magician to perform from table to table when the function room was converted into a dancefloor for the evening’s entertainment.

A huge exploding balloon was organised for the first dance and then we quickly headed on to the lawn of the hotel to capture a shot to finish the wedding album. I just managed to get the last bit of fading light with the help of the best man who is also a photographer.

As usual here is a selection of some of my favourites from Michael and Hannah’s wedding at The Falmouth Hotel.  Please feel free to share on social media or leave a comment.

Text message from the groom and lovely note from the brides sisterBrides brother and step dad getting dressed in the mirror Brides sister recieving presents from the bride Bride having her hair and makeup done before the wedding  Brides wedding dress hung up in the window Bride looking out the window at her vintage VW campervan Falmouth_Hotel_wedding_7_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_8_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_9_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_10_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_11_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_12_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_13_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_14_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_15_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_16_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_17_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_18_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelWedding at the falmouth hotel 10 falmouth hotel wedding Falmouth_Hotel_wedding_20_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_21_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_22_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_23_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_24_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelWedding at the falmouth hotel 11 falmouth hotel wedding Falmouth_Hotel_wedding_26_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelWedding at the falmouth hotel 12 falmouth hotel wedding Falmouth_Hotel_wedding_28_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelWedding at the falmouth hotel 13 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 2 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 3 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 4 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 14 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 5 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 1Wedding at the falmouth hotel 6 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 7 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 15 falmouth hotel wedding Falmouth_Hotel_wedding_39_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelWedding at the falmouth hotel 16 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 17 falmouth hotel wedding Wedding at the falmouth hotel 18 falmouth hotel wedding Group photo of the bridal party at the Falmouth Hotel bouncy castle on the lawn of the Falmouth Hotel Falmouth_Hotel_wedding_45_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelWedding Speeches at the Falmouth HotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_47_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_48_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelFalmouth_Hotel_wedding_49_wedding_at_the_falmouth_hotelWedding at the falmouth hotel 8 falmouth hotel wedding

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