The Ultimate Guide to Lusty Glaze Wedding Photography

Are you dreaming of tying the knot with the sand between your toes and the sound of waves as you walk down the aisle? If so, Lusty Glaze Beach in Cornwall could be your dream come true. With its Cornish name “Lostyn Glas,” meaning “a place to view blue boats,” Lusty Glaze offers more than just a picturesque backdrop—it provides a touch of local heritage and oceanic charm that can make your special day truly unforgettable.

As a Cornwall wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing moments of magic at this one-of-a-kind venue. From the first look to the last dance, every wedding at Lusty Glaze is a unique celebration. The beach’s golden sands, dramatic cliffs, and mesmerizing sunsets create a natural stage for love stories to unfold.

Lusty Glaze is not just a wedding venue; it’s an experience. Whether you’re exchanging vows with the ocean as your witness or dancing under a sky ablaze with the hues of a Cornish sunset, every moment here becomes a cherished memory. Your wedding album won’t just be a collection of photos; it will be a visual narrative of love, joy, and the sheer beauty of Lusty Glaze.

What Makes Lusty Glaze an Ideal Wedding Location?

Lusty Glaze Beach is not just a venue but a coastal paradise for tying the knot. Offering an array of meticulously crafted wedding packages, this Cornish gem caters to your every matrimonial wish. Whether you envision an exclusive beach wedding with the ocean as your witness, a classic beachside ceremony with toes in the sand, a cosy winter wedding enveloped in coastal mist, an intimate exchange of vows with your closest loved ones, or a romantic elopement for just the two of you—Lusty Glaze has you covered in unparalleled style and luxury.

Celebrate your way

Lusty Glaze Beach isn’t just another wedding venue; it’s an award-winning locale crowned as the ‘Best Coastal Wedding Venue’ in the UK. With its versatile offerings, it caters to a spectrum of wedding dreams and budgets. Here’s a closer look at what makes each package so special (please visit their website for prices) :

Exclusive Beach Weddings: This package offers you and your guests exclusive access to Lusty Glaze’s secluded beach. Imagine having an entire private beach as your wedding playground—making your special day an utterly unique experience.

Classic Beach Weddings: Lusty Glaze holds the rare distinction of being the only venue in Cornwall where you can legally tie the knot right on the beach. It’s not just a beach wedding; it’s a beach wedding with legal cred!

Winter Weddings: Winter weddings at Lusty Glaze offer a different but equally enchanting vibe. Picture saying “I do” with the dramatic Cornish ocean as your backdrop, all wrapped up in the snug atmosphere only winter can provide.

Intimate Weddings: Ideal for those who prefer a smaller, more relaxed gathering. You still get the stunning beach backdrop and all the magic of Lusty Glaze but in a more intimate setting.

Elopements: For couples who crave the ultimate in intimacy, the elopement package is tailor-made for those looking to share their vows in a simple ceremony with just a handful of witnesses, without any of the usual wedding fuss.

Beyond these packages, the venue’s versatility is a standout feature, accommodating different budgets and preferences. Plus, their dedicated wedding team ensures your day unfolds as smoothly as possible. They even offer a downloadable wedding brochure to help you navigate your options effortlessly.

In short, Lusty Glaze Beach not only offers variety but delivers it with a unique blend of luxury and Cornish charm.

30 of my favourite images from weddings at Lusty Glaze

The Life of a Lusty Glaze Wedding Photographer: Capturing Love Amidst the Waves

Being a Lusty Glaze wedding photographer is not just a profession; it’s an art form and a privilege. This stunning beach venue in Cornwall serves as a canvas where each wedding is a unique masterpiece. Through the lens, we capture the intimate Lusty Glaze bridal images, from the first look to the sealing kiss. The golden sands, azure waters, and the Cornish coastline provide a picturesque backdrop that accentuates every frame.

What sets Lusty Glaze apart are the moments that are both grand and nuanced. It’s the sweeping sunset wedding Lusty Glaze shots, as well as the candid expressions of joy and love. The exclusivity of the private beach allows for a personal, intimate photography session, free from distractions. It’s more than just a venue; it’s an emotion, captured forever in coastal wedding albums. Each click adds to a couple’s love story, making Lusty Glaze photography an unforgettable chapter in their lives.

Interested in having your Lusty Glaze wedding moments immortalized? Check out my photography packages tailored just for you.

This is the life of a Lusty Glaze wedding photographer—capturing love, one frame at a time. To see how we turn these precious moments into lasting memories.

Where Beach Vows Meet Cornish Sunsets

Unlock the magic of a beach wedding like no other! Step barefoot into paradise at Lusty Glaze, Cornwall’s one-of-a-kind venue where sunsets dazzle and love stories are etched against the ocean backdrop. Experience the epitome of romance and luxury.

Toes in the sand

Imagine standing barefoot on a sun-kissed beach, the ocean breeze gently ruffling your wedding attire. As you look into the eyes of your significant other, you realise this isn’t just a wedding; it’s the epitome of romance. Lusty Glaze offers this perfect setting, making it the go-to location for those after an exclusive beach wedding in Cornwall.

Beachfront Gem

Tucked away on Cornwall’s rugged coast, Lusty Glaze is a hidden gem that boasts more than just an expansive sandy beach. It provides awe-inspiring ocean vistas that serve as your wedding backdrop. What sets it apart? It’s the sole venue in Cornwall where you can say ‘I do’ with your feet actually in the sand.

Sunset Encore

What’s more magical than exchanging vows? How about doing it under a sky painted with hues of orange, pink, and purple? At Lusty Glaze, the sunsets don’t just set; they perform, offering an awe-inspiring canvas for those once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos.

Your Questions, Answered

Public or Private: Who Gets to Use Lusty Glaze Beach? The beach is generally accessible to the public, but don’t worry, it can be transformed into your own private haven for an exclusive luxury beach wedding. You get the best of both worlds: a popular beach that becomes uniquely yours.

Room with a View: Does Lusty Glaze Offer Accommodation? Look no further for the ultimate stay. Lusty Glaze offers self-catered holiday accommodation right on the edge of the Atlantic. Choose between The Cottage and The Chalet, both just a stone’s throw from the ocean. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a family escapade, imagine having a beach practically to yourself during the early mornings and evenings. And at night, let the soft sounds of waves serve as your natural lullaby. Plus, for the ultimate experience, you can hire the entire beach during your stay. Locations for self-catered stays just don’t get better than this.

What’s in a Name: Why is it Called Lusty Glaze? It’s not just a catchy name; it’s a piece of Cornish history. The term ‘Lusty Glaze’ originates from the Cornish language, translating to “a place to view blue boats.” This adds a layer of local charm and storytelling potential to your nuptials.

Step by Step: How Many Stairs to the Beach? Picture this: a grand descent of 133 steps leading you to your beachside paradise. Each step adds to the anticipation, making your arrival feel like the beginning of a new chapter in a romantic novel.

Furry Friends: Are Dogs Allowed at Lusty Glaze? We’re not just dog-friendly; we roll out the red carpet for our four-legged guests! Each furry friend is welcomed with their own comfy dog bed, ensuring they have a cosy spot to call their own. But the VIP treatment doesn’t stop there— we also provide a bowl of fresh water so they can stay hydrated and happy. And the cherry on top? They’re free to snuggle up by the fireside, making their experience as warm and inviting as yours!

naomi wedding planner at lusty glaze

The Dream Team Behind Lusty Glaze Wedding Events

But what makes this venue so special, apart from its awe-inspiring views and romantic ambiance, is the remarkable team that brings each wedding to life.

The Lusty Glaze team is the backbone of every dreamy beach wedding. They know their cove like the back of their hand; after all, they see those “fiery sunsets” and “uninterrupted sea views across the Atlantic Ocean” every single day. Yet, each time they help stage a Lusty Glaze beach ceremony, it’s like falling in love all over again.

When you choose Lusty Glaze for your luxury beach wedding, you’re not just picking a venue; you’re becoming part of a family that’s equally excited about your big day. The Lusty Glaze team goes above and beyond to make sure your Cornish coast wedding images and memories are as magnificent as the setting itself. So, when you look through your oceanview wedding albums years from now, you’ll remember not just the place but the people who made it magical.

Passion: The team live and breathe Lusty Glaze.
Experience: Hundreds of couples have said ‘I do’ under their guidance.
Flexibility: Whether you want a hands-on or hands-off approach, they adapt.

Paul blended in the background, and the group pictures were efficiently executed, and made painless; a job not easily done in my previous experiences of being a guest in wedding photos!

He has a fantastic eye for background, and capturing just the right shot at that perfect time – as we were so see pleased to see in the ‘sneak peek’ pics, that stayed he up until the wee hours of the post wedding morning editing, so we could have a few finished pictures to view when we woke up – its these small details that truly made the photography experience amazing.

If you are looking for someone reliable, knowledgable, gifted and professional to capture your special moment, big day or whatever the occasion – I would recommend Paul without a moment of hesitation….. he’s a a bloody star!

Julie & Richard

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