Studio shoot

Studio shoot

Cornwall portrait photographer- Paul Keppel

Model – Ashlyn Amy Coyne

Make up – Kristina Farrar

For today’s studio shoot I had the idea of bright red glasses and bright red lips so the day before, I popped into town to collect the props. On my list, a pair of very cheap sunglasses, beads of some sort and superglue. After spending a good hour searching for beads I found some Christmas decorations on sale, not really something that I had in mind for my shoot, but these beads were attached to Christmassy candle stick holders.

I saw Ashlyn on a facebook model forum and saw a photograph of her in a fashion show in Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant. In the fashion show she was wearing bright red lipstick which made her lips look amazing so I thought she would be perfect for my idea.  After contacting Ashlyn she was enthusiastic about the idea that I had in mind for the studio shoot.

Pose- After making the glasses and trying them on myself they were pretty weighty! So we used this pose to help keep the glasses on Ashlyn’s nose but also to take off some of the weight so that they didn’t hurt her. I opted for softer relaxed fingers so the curves would complement the round beads on the glasses.

Props – To make the glasses took a bit of time cutting the beads off the candle stick base, and superglue and I don’t really mix!!! Lol . Due to the balls being round they kept on sliding around when gluing, resulting in glue getting everywhere – sticking my fingers together, almost sticking my finger to my lip and gluing things to my desk, but I got there in the end.

Make up & hair – For the make-up I wanted the skin to have a matt look so the glasses and lips would really stand out. So I had Kristiana Farrar the make-up artist, pale down the skin and give Ashlyn lovely glossy red lips. Hair was really simple, with just water to help slick it back.

Post Production – After the studio shoot post production was really simple as Ashlyn has great skin. So a little tweaking in the colours to bring out the lips and glasses, erase out a few stray hairs, and pale down the skin a touch and that was it.

Studio Shoot Cornwall 1 Cornwall portrait photographer

If you are considering  a studio shoot in Cornwall or Devon, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your studio shoot requirements.

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