Rustic Farm Charm: The Magic of Stennack Farm Wedding Photography

In the world of wedding photography, some venues stand out more than others. Stennack Farm wedding photography is a testament to this, offering a unique blend of pastoral beauty and rustic elegance. Situated in the heart of Cornwall, Stennack Farm stands as an epitome of natural grandeur and man-made charm. As I’ve ventured through its expanses, camera in hand, every corner of the farm tells a story waiting to be captured.

Overlooking the scenic landscapes of Cornwall, it’s not just the visual treat of the surroundings that has made my photographs stand out. The farm, with its serene meadows and rolling hills, acts as the perfect canvas. But the real magic happens when two souls come together to celebrate their love amidst this splendour. It’s these magical moments, these candid emotions and genuine smiles, that make weddings at Stennack Farm truly memorable.

With its rich history, Stennack Farm has transformed from a traditional farmstead to a venue that resonates deeply with love, joy, and cherished memories. While the farm’s beauty is undeniable, its essence truly comes alive when love stories unfold, and I’ve had the immense privilege of capturing them. Through my lens, the essence of Stennack Farm isn’t just seen; it’s felt.

“We woke up the next morning to some incredible “sneaky peak” pictures which were everything we dreamed of and more. Four weeks later the full album followed and WOW WOW WOW! It just re-affirmed our decision to have Paul as our photographer.”

What Makes Stennack Farm an Ideal Wedding Location?

There’s a reason why Stennack Farm stands out in the annals of Cornwall’s wedding destinations. Beyond its mesmerising vistas that provide the perfect canvas for Stennack farm wedding photography, it embodies an ambiance that transforms ordinary moments into magical memories.

An Artist’s Palette of Nature and History

Stennack farm wedding photography thrives on the sheer natural beauty this location offers. Imagine capturing the essence of vows exchanged against a backdrop of vast, undulating green fields, with pockets of vibrant seasonal flowers swaying gently in the Cornish breeze. The setting sun, painting everything in its golden embrace, creates moments that photographers dream of.

The historical significance of the farm amplifies its allure. The farm’s age-old barns and structures, rich with tales of times gone by, provide a contrasting touch of rustic elegance to the modern celebrations, making every photo a harmonious blend of the past and the present.

A Choice for Every Dream

The versatility of Stennack Farm is one of its standout features. Whether a couple dreams of an open-air ceremony with nature as their chief guest or prefers the ambiance of the ancient barns, the farm offers an array of choices. This ensures that every Stennack farm wedding photography session here is as unique as the love stories they immortalise.

Some of my favourite images from Stennack Farm Wedding Photography

Wedding ceremonies at Stennack Farm

At Stennack Farm, they are proud to offer couples the choice of where their wedding ceremony will take place. Their beautiful and spacious wedding barn, the main lawn, the courtyard, or the lower lawn and decking are all available options. They’re licensed for wedding ceremonies, ensuring couples can be married in the manner they’ve always dreamed of and by their chosen registrar.

Outdoor Ceremonies


Tucked away amidst Cornwall’s scenic landscapes, Stennack Farm presents an enchantingly idyllic backdrop, rich in countryside elegance. It stands as an ideal location for those dreaming of an outdoor wedding celebration. Every external space we offer is licensed for your vows, accommodating up to 150 special guests. You pick the precise location! And for a sprinkle of rustic flair, consider incorporating haybales.

The Wedding Barn


Our specially designed Wedding Barn exudes a stylish yet authentically rustic ambiance, awaiting your personal touch to manifest your dream wedding. It comfortably seats 150 attendees, offering breathtaking vistas of the valley as you exchange vows with your loved ones witnessing. After a swift rearrangement, the space is primed for an evening gala, accommodating up to 300 guests. It’s the epitome of a comprehensive wedding venue.

Intimate weddings


Envisioning a close-knit, magical wedding? Adapt a section of the Wedding Barn into a luxurious rural setting for your intimate affair. With complete access to our captivating grounds, your wedding day is set to be mesmerizing. Our Close Circle Wedding package caters to 20 guests, offering an informal setting that remains distinct and deeply personal.

naomi wedding planner at lusty glaze

Jordan: The magic Behind Stennack Farm Weddings

At Stennack Farm, the heart and soul of wedding coordination is the incredibly talented Jordan. She stands as the driving force behind each memorable wedding ceremony held at the venue. With her vast expertise and genuine passion for weddings, Jordan ensures that every couple’s vision unfolds precisely as they’ve imagined, making dreams come alive in the most magical ways. She offers dedicated and bespoke coordination, always tailoring every detail to uniquely resonate with the desires of the bride and groom.

Having had the pleasure of working alongside Jordan, it’s evident how her presence can transform the entire wedding experience. From the initial planning stages to the perfect send-off on the big day, she seamlessly ensures everything runs smoothly. Her dedication, professionalism, and warm approach make every wedding at Stennack Farm not just an event, but a cherished memory for all those involved. Working with Jordan is truly a delightful experience, making every collaboration memorable.

Personal Touch: Passionate about tailoring every detail to match your vision.
Experience: Dedicated and bespoke on-the-day wedding coordination
Continuous Support: On hand from planning to send-off for a seamless experience.

Your Questions, Answered

What is the best time of year for a wedding at Stennack Farm?
The ideal time for a wedding at Stennack Farm largely depends on the ambiance you’re aiming for. Spring and summer months are highly favored because of the pleasant weather, making for perfect outdoor ceremonies and vibrant photographs. However, if you have a penchant for enchanting scenery, autumn at Stennack Farm presents a rich tapestry of colors, turning the venue into a romantic backdrop with its golden and russet hues. Remember, the beauty of Stennack Farm is its versatility. Weddings here are spectacular whatever the weather and at any time of the year, ensuring that your special day remains memorable and picturesque.

Do we have the Stennack Farm to ourselves?
Yes, when you book your wedding at Stennack Farm, you’re not just reserving a venue; you’re ensuring an exclusive and intimate experience. You’ll have the entire venue all to yourselves, allowing you and your guests to relish in the farm’s beauty and serenity. Additionally, the package offers accommodation for up to 20 people for a 2-night stay—perfect for those pre-wedding moments and for relaxation after the big day. This includes the night before the wedding and the wedding day itself, making the celebration both grand and personal.

Can we bring props etc?
Yes, you can certainly bring props and other personal touches for your wedding at Stennack Farm. They believe that every wedding should be a unique reflection of the couple, and our venue serves as a blank canvas for you to style and imprint your distinct personality upon. Whether it’s themed decorations, sentimental keepsakes, or quirky additions, you’re welcome to personalize the space to make your special day truly yours.

Are drone shots allowed at Stennack Farm?
Yes, but ensure your photographer has the necessary permissions.

Is there a backup plan in case of rains on the wedding day?
In the event of rain on the wedding day, there’s no need for undue stress or concern. If the ceremony is scheduled to take place outside, rest assured that the planners and registrars have contingencies in place. They will closely monitor the weather and make a judgment call based on the conditions. If necessary, they have the capability and readiness to seamlessly transition the ceremony into the wedding barn. This ensures that regardless of the weather, the special day goes on beautifully and without a hitch.

We chose Paul as our wedding photographer. When i say we chose (it was non negotiable with my husband ha).

Paul had photographed weddings I’ve been a guest at previously for friends and i knew when i seen their photos that one day i would book him for mine! It was pretty easy to convince my partner when we met Paul prior to booking. He spent time getting to know us as a couple, figuring out what we were after and gave us some wonderful advice. We booked him straight away.

Prior to the wedding day, we had an in depth run through of the day and timings and Paul this really provided re-assurance that Paul has listened to everything we had asked for and planned etc.
On the day, we had arranged for Paul to take photos of us getting ready, before moving on to capture guests arriving.
Paul was very organised especially with the group photos.I didn’t think it would be easy organising 92 people but paul made it look effortless.

We woke up the next morning to some incredible “sneaky peak” pictures which were everything we dreamed of and more. Four weeks later the full album followed and WOW WOW WOW! It just re-affirmed our decision to have Paul as our photographer.

Thank you so much!

Chelsea & Tom

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