SO8 Muay Thai boxing fighters

Being a full time Wedding Photographer, my way of stress release is popping to my local Thai boxing gym 3-4 nights a week. With a local competition coming up (which I couldn’t attend due to a wedding fayre) I thought It would be a great idea to photograph the S08 Muay Thai boxing fighters to boost their confidence.

 We only had a limited time to use the studio and also people having work commitments, but I managed to grab an hour with the girls. While I was setting the lights up the girls got themselves prepping for the shoot, getting the hand wraps on, adding oil to their skin to help it shine from the lights, plus a quick warm up to get the blood pumping to the muscles.

I did a little research looking at gym photoshoots and took that idea to light the girls. I wanted to go for a quite moody lit shoot, so placed the lights to create strong shadows on their bodies to emphasise the muscles.

Both SO8 Muay Thai boxing fighters work in the health and fitness industry and have a huge knowledge in their fields.

SO8 Muay Thai boxing fighters 0 Falmouth Thai Boxing gym

 And Carly Geach who is a qualified outdoor/indoor fitness instructor who is often found teaching pad blast at S08, but also runs her own camps called CJ’s bootycamp

SO8 Muay Thai boxing fighters 2 Falmouth Thai Boxing gym

Jenny-anne Woodberry who runs Miss fighting Fit  which offers nutrition advice about eating clean healthy food along side working as a chef.

“I’m not the most confident in front of the camera but the whole shoot was very relaxed and Paul was really helpful throughout. It was a real confidence boost afterwards to see the final photographs and also to see the positive social media response in the run up to the fight. “

SO8 Muay Thai boxing fighters 3 Falmouth Thai Boxing gym

As usual here is a selection of some of my favourites of the S08 Thai boxing fighters.  Please feel free to share on social media, or leave a comment.

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