Tucked away amongst the crisp, epic landscape of the Matterhorn, a pre-wedding shoot in Zermatt is one of the most spectacular backdrops for a photo shoot in the world. Choose Zermatt for your pre-wedding photography and you’ll find yourself in a global destination renowned for its natural beauty.

Located in Valais, Switzerland, awe-inspiring scenery is headed by the iconic peak of the Matterhorn. Its distinct, pyramid-shaped summit means the Matterhorn is recognised throughout the world. Sitting directly below, the pretty alpine resort of Zermatt is a must-do for celebs, pro-skiers, non-skiers, and adventurers around the world.

Whether you, your partner, and your loved ones like to ski, relax, hike or get active, Zermatt has sensational experiences to satisfy every need.

Beyond a spectacular pre-wedding shoot, Zermatt offers incredible skiing and snowboarding for all abilities and preferences, fantastic mountain-side restaurants, glorious spas, a buzzing apres-ski scene, and tons of things for everyone to do.

Top Pre-wedding shoot in Zermatt Ideas

In the most picturesque ski resort in the world, you run out of adjectives quickly. From the highest ski resort in Switzerland, stomping views of the Matterhorn and its surrounding peaks can be enjoyed everywhere you go.

Taking in everything from different angles of the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc, Jungfrau, and the Gran Paradiso, it’s no surprise Zermatt is one of the best ski resorts in the world. Sitting at 3900m above sea level on the Swiss-Italian border, you’ll enjoy thrilling vistas across the landscape from sunrise to sunset.

Open year-round, high altitudes mean the powder here is as good as it gets. For your pre-wedding photoshoot imagine the scene. Behind you, the chiseled, snow-capped peak of the Matterhorn, above, Zermatt’s 300 days of sunshine highlights all your best features as the light bounces off the glistening white snow.


And it really is. I was once a ski instructor here, these days I come back all the time, not just to ski but as a highly-experienced Zermatt pre-wedding photographer. Yes, not only does that mean I can ski backwards down the mountain and take photographs at the same time, I also know all the best places to get amazing shots.

Can anyone get high into the alps in Zermatt if they don’t ski? Yes, they can.

Zermatt is a destination for both skiers and non-skiers so you don’t have to hit the ski slopes for your pre-wedding photography if you don’t want to. Similarly, if you do, but there are those in your party who don’t, the resort is bursting with activities for everyone. It’s super-easy to get around on foot so no one gets left out.

From sky-high restaurants tucked into the alps to ice-skating, luxurious boutiques, bars, plush spas, sledging, hikes, the cinema, and more, there’s endless entertainment to choose from and countless destinations for foodies.

Paul is absolutely incredible!!! We used him for our wedding and engagement photos and we could not be happier with the results. He is professional, communicative, flexible, easy to work with, and not to mention, a very skilled photographer who is a ski instructor.

Marc & Larissa

12 of my favourite images from a pre-wedding shoot in Zermatt

Things to do during your stay

The Matterhorn Glacier Ride

The Matterhorn Glacier Ride is a 3S cableway that can take you up to the Klein Matterhorn for fantastic views of the Matterhorn and landscape beyond. In fact, the Glacier’s Crystal Ride cabins, which are cloaked in Swarovski crystals, may be perfect for the occasion.

If crystals are not your thing – universal appreciation can be found in the view through the Matterhorn Glacier Ride’s floor to ceiling windows, present on every side. Choose the Crystal Ride cabins and you’ll also have a glass-bottomed floor for extensive scenes across the mountainous setting.

As the highest cable car in the world, the state-of-the-art Glacier Ride is an experience in itself. Indeed, monumental experiences are what a pre-wedding photoshoot in Zermatt is all about.

Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations and Ideas in Zermatt

As a photographer who shoots both weddings and pre-weddings in Zermatt all the time, I have an endless list of ideas for pre-wedding shoots in this glorious location but these two are amongst my faves.

The Gornergrat Train

Taking you 3089m up into the Swiss Alps, the Gornergrat Train travels through aromatic Swiss stone pine forests and rocky tunnels, across deep ravines and serene lakes, climbing 1469m high to the top of Gornergrat.

Beginning in Zermatt, the Gornergrat Bahn passes through Findelbach, Riffelalp, Riffelberg, and Rotenboden, each stop a destination for more stunning vistas. But wait until the last stop at the top of Gornergrat and you’ll be greeted with awesome views.

The legendary train journey is over 100 years old. First made on the Gornergrat Train in 1898, the trip is a must for any visit to Zermatt. On arrival, you’re rewarded with spectacular 360° views from the viewing platform.

There are also numerous attractions, restaurants, an observatory, the highest sledging slope in Switzerland, and Europe’s highest-altitude hotel to enjoy.

Zoom the Matterhorn takes you up close to the Matterhorn through virtual flights, 3D experiences, and more, whilst Iglu Dorf is a destination for lots of couples.

Iglu Dorf

Whilst this beautiful outdoor location is already so romantic, a stay at Iglu Dorf will elevate your pre-wedding celebrations even further.

Forming part of an Igloo village, the highest in the world, Iglu Dorf is a unique snow hotel complete with its own bar, restaurants, whirlpools, saunas, and more. Each structure is rebuilt every year and decorated by local artists.

Your room is the perfect place to hide away together. Decorated by local artists, what could be more romantic than a snug, serene retreat sculpted from ice with its own whirlpool? For an experience not to forget, a night in an ensuite igloo cocooned by nothing but handcrafted ice is unmatched.

A snowshoe trek, night walk with the Milky Way above, sauna, eat all you can fondue, and snuggles by the heated open fire of the Kota make Iglu Dorf a seriously romantic pre-wedding date!

For an amazing pre-wedding shoot idea, Zermatt definitely delivers!

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Local to the area, I’m a highly experienced Zermatt wedding photographer who has been lucky to photograph a couple of pre-wedding shoots in Zermatt . Whether you want to get married in Newquay or another location – give me a call on: 07854 172143 or send a message and let’s talk about what you have in mind for your wedding.

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