Langdon Court Hotel Wedding

Last Saturday I travelled to Devon to photograph the Langdon Court Hotel Wedding of Mike and Helen.

I normally like to meet the couple for a pre wedding meeting so we met at the Langdon Court Hotel so that I could view the venue as well. You may remember seeing Mike and Helen’s engagement shoot which was actually at the Hotel which meant that on their wedding day I needed to find different locations for their wedding photographs.

I met Helen at the hair salon with her bridesmaids who were enjoying a glass of champagne whilst having their hair done.

After the visit to the salon we headed back to Helen’s parents’ house to start the bridal preparation photography.

Helen wore a beautiful, elegant dress that was hand made for her.  The design was based on an Amy Michelson dress but the original design was drawn by Helen herself. It was a little bit of a covert operation to photograph the dress as the only person to see the dress before the big day was Helen’s mum. It was great to see the bridesmaids’ faces when Helen walked down the stairs.

After a short drive out of Plymouth we headed to Wembury Church, right on the Devon coast, for the ceremony. Wembury Church is a beautiful setting for a wedding with its panoramic sea views but being right next to the sea the wind can be pretty strong so Mike and Helen opted to not have photos on the beach, but to head instead to Langdon Court to enjoy their celebrations.

In the hotel’s sheltered position the weather was beautiful and everybody enjoyed a champagne reception which was a great opportunity for some candid photographs of the guests and bridal party. Following a few quick group shots at the steps on the lawn we then had 10 minutes to spare before everybody was called in for the wedding breakfast so we took a few photographs at the follies with Mike and Helen.

Not only did I get a mention in the father of the bride’s speech but I also had my very own  handmade wedding favour. Helen and her bridesmaids were up till 2am on the Thursday night baking the biscuits and putting them in their packets.

A Landgon Court Hotel wedding is a great venue to photograph, providing some lovely backdrops and the Hotel team offer an amazing service.

It was an amazing day full of love and happiness.  Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hancock I wish you every happiness in your future together!

As usual a few of my favourites from the wedding are shown below.  Please feel free to share on social media or comment.

If you are considering a Langdon Court Hotel wedding, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Langdon_court_hotel_weddingLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_2_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_3_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon Court Hotel Wedding Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_5_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_6_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_8_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_9_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_7_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon Court Hotel Wedding 11Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 12Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_14_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_15_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_16_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_17_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon Court Hotel Wedding 13Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_19_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_20_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_21_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon Court Hotel Wedding 14Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_23_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_24_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_25_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_26_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_27_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_28_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon Court Hotel Wedding 14Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 15Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_31_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_32_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon Court Hotel Wedding 16Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 8wembury church in devonLangdon Court Hotel Wedding 1Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 9Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 17Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_39_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_40_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon Court Hotel Wedding 10


Here is a short video taken by one of the guest at the wedding, unknowing to me. lol

Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 2Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 3Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 4Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 5Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 6Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 7Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 18Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_50_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_51_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_52_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_53_Devon_wedding_photographer

Helen’s mum did an amazing job on Helen’s wedding cake. I’m sure those little flowers took ages to make.

Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_54_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon Court Hotel Wedding 19Langdon Court Hotel Wedding 20Langdon_court_hotel_wedding_2_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_58_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_59_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_60_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_61_Devon_wedding_photographerLangdon_court_hotel_wedding_62_Devon_wedding_photographer

If you are considering a Langdon Court Hotel wedding, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Mike and Helen’s wedding photographs will be ready in a few weeks and she will give you a password that will be needed to access the photographs in the client area.


  1. Really great photos Paul. can’t wait to see the whole collection. It really was a super day and you’ve captured it superbly.

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