What is a Cornwall engagement shoot?

An engagement shoot or a pre wedding shoot is a professional photoshoot, usually with the photographer who will be your wedding photographer. It takes place in the location of your choice and lasts for an hour or so.

Why have an engagement photoshoot?

  1. A moment to treasure: That heady time after getting engaged is so special. A pre wedding photoshoot is the perfect way to capture all your emotions and excitement on camera forever.
  2. Just about you two: It’s a beautiful time when you’re both relaxed, on a high and focused on yourself rather than the wedding which is such a major life event. Weddings are packed with activities, expectations and loved ones. An engagement shoot is just about the two of you and your future together. It’s such a great time to look back on and remember the plans, dreams, excitement and love you both felt for each other at the beginning of this new chapter.
  3. Get to know your photographer: A pre wedding shoot is also a really important time for you and you partner to develop your relationship with your wedding photographer before your wedding day. You’ll be able to see how they work and get an idea of what your wedding photos might look like.
  4. Develop camera confidence: Your pre wedding shoot is likely to be your first professional shoot of this kind so an engagement shoot is a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. We look best when we’re relaxed and confident. When your wedding day comes around, you’ll be completely at ease at having your picture taken and will know what to expect on your wedding day. You’ll also get to know what you like and don’t like ahead of the big day – you can also test out some poses!
  5. Beautiful couple photography: The only people in your engagement photos will you both as a couple so this is a brilliant opportunity to get some lovely images of the two of you together in a more relaxed and casual environment than on your wedding day.
  6. Gorgeous photos to use in your wedding: Personalisation is a major trend for contemporary weddings so most couples use photos from their engagement shoot in both their wedding and wedding preparations. There are tons of way to do this including, within your wedding decor, wedding favours, on your wedding website or socials, stationary and more. There are lots of ideas for using an engagement photo as part of your guestbook. One idea which works really well is to have your guests write over a framed photo of you both. We can talk about these ideas when we meet.

30 of my favourite images from recent pre wedding shoots

Where’s the best place for an engagement shoot?

The best place to get engaged in the UK is without a doubt, Cornwall. Cornwall offers the widest range of breathtaking scenery in the UK with dazzling beaches, clifftops, valleys, moors, meadows, woodland, beautiful buildings and so much more.

Ultimately, you should choose a place which holds some meaning for you both. It could be the place where you first met, where you got engaged or somewhere you enjoy spending time together. If you want some ideas or help, please do let me know. It helps to consider the landscape and scenery which will be in your final photos and what’s special to you both as a couple. Think about a beautiful setting, somewhere special, a bit funky, stunning architecture, that sort of thing. Or as we said, it could be the place where you got engaged or even where you want to get married.

Engagement shoot FAQ

What should you wear to a pre wedding shoot?

The general rule of thumb for an engagement shoot is to wear whatever you’re most comfortable in. If you’re uncomfortable it will show in your photos. These are professional photographs from a really special time in your life so you’ll want to think about what you both wear.

The key is to complement each other. You’ll both be most comfortable in your own clothes, just make sure the look is coherent. Smart casual is the most popular way to go. Most importantly, think about where you’ll be during your pre wedding shoot.

The location of your engagement shoot will hugely affect what you wear. Your clothes need to be practical for the setting and you’ll need to be able to move around in your location. You might want to bring an extra outfit and a cover up or two in case it gets cold or the weather changes.

The bottom line is these are professional photos you want to treasure and share with others so clothes in simple, timeless, classic styles in block colours that won’t age work best . And avoid logos and brandings which take all the attention away from you both!

A prop or two can be a great way to add extra personality to your photos. Again, think about the location and what’s personal to you both and right for the occasion. Champagne, maybe a picnic basket and a blanket, a she said yes sign, etc.

How should you style your hair, make up and nails for a pre wedding shoot?

Some brides choose to trial their wedding hair and make up on an engagement shoot. Do think about where you will be. If you’re going to be outside or doing something active, your hair and make up will need to be suitable for the setting plus all the moving about you’ll be doing wherever you are.

Don’t forget your nails! Your ring will be a major feature during the shoot so you’ll want to make sure your nails have had some attention!

How should you pose on an engagement shoot?

People do worry about posing but more than anything you want your engagement shoot to be natural, relaxed and fun. Don’t forget, I’m there to ensure you look your best and I’ve done this lots and lots of times so I’ll guide you through the shoot from beginning to end.

I’ll help you both understand what to do during and the result will be stunning, natural-looking photos where you both look genuinely happy and relaxed – that’s when we look our best.

Ultimately, the pre wedding shoot is a celebration of your love so there will be lots of physical contact between the two of you, plenty of smiling and laughter, fun and celebration.

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Whether you’ve got more questions or want to discuss your ideas for your engagement shoot or a proposal, get in touch today. I do engagement shoots all over the UK and the world. I live in Cornwall so I do loads of pre wedding shoots here but I can travel to any location you want so call me today on 07854 172143 or send me a message below.