Engagement session in Zermatt, Switzerland

Destination Wedding

Ed & Viki

Location | Matterhorn

Wedding Photographer Cornwall |Paul  Keppel

The plan for the engagement session in Zermatt was to scout out some different locations to help speed up the day and allow more time for Ed and Viki to spend with their family and friends. Having chosen a location like Zermatt for their wedding, images were pretty high on the list of importance so we looked around for various locations that would suit different weather conditions, just in case it decided to change at the last minute.

Of course the Matterhorn would be a key factor in the wedding photographs, as this mountain is probably the most photographed mountain in Switzerland, if not in the world, due to its unusual summit.

Oh, one thing, the engagement shoot took place the day before the wedding, which was actually my 35th birthday. The things we sacrifice! haha

The Engagement session in Zermatt was great as we did a whole walk through from the chalet to the wedding ceremony, to the restaurant and back to the chalet.

We found a perfect location that gave us a few different shots all within 50 yards of each other. If it was clear we had amazing views down the valley looking over the town of Zermatt, or spinning around 180 degrees we had the legendary Matterhorn Mountain as a backdrop.  But the ‘pièce de résistance’ was the tepee which we left for the actual wedding day photographs. (These can be seen in the wedding in Zermatt blog post).

As usual here is a selection of some of my favourites from Ed’s and Viki’s Engagement session in Zermatt.  Please feel free to share on social media, or leave a comment.

Engagement session in Zermatt 1 Zermatt EngagementEngagement session in Zermatt 2 Zermatt EngagementEngagement session in Zermatt 3 Zermatt EngagementEngagement session in Zermatt 4 Zermatt EngagementEngagement session in Zermatt 5 Zermatt EngagementIf you are considering an engagement session in Zermatt, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Or to view Ed & Viki’s wedding in Zermatt head over to my blog.

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  1. The photographs are bringing back so many memories :-) I love the shots you have chosen to put up on your blog. The weather was so different compared to the wedding day, I can’t believe how different the Schwarzee photograph looks without all of the snow there!
    Not only did you work so hard on your birthday but also gave up your sunglasses so that I could see! Thank you for the loan – what a well prepared photographer!
    Very happy with the engagement shoot :-) Thank you Paul.

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