Best of 2023

As the sun sets on another remarkable year, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey that 2023 has been. It’s been a year of vibrant weddings, heartfelt moments, and stunning venues, each weaving a unique thread in the rich tapestry of memories.

This year, more than ever, I’ve been reminded of the beauty of diversity. From the rugged cliffs at Beacon Crag and the serene beaches of Lusty Glaze to the quaint charm of Devon and beyond, every wedding has been a world unto itself. I’ve had the privilege of capturing a myriad of weddings – each one distinct, yet all united in their celebration of love.

My approach this year has been one of heartfelt simplicity. I’ve chosen to focus on the moments that genuinely resonated with me – the laughter, the tears, the unguarded joy. These are the images that I’m thrilled to share with you, not because they are grand, but because they are genuine.

In a year that saw me travelling more than ever, each destination brought its flavour. Some weddings were grand affairs in opulent settings, while others were intimate gatherings in cosy venues. The common thread? The warmth and welcome of each couple and their families.

This collection represents just a fraction of the thousands of images from this year. It’s a visual diary of joyous celebrations, intimate moments, and the unique beauty of each venue. While names and places may be left for you to imagine, the emotions captured are as real and vivid as ever.

In addition to the weddings, 2023 has been a monumental year for love in another aspect – Cornwall wedding proposals. Capturing these intimate, once-in-a-lifetime moments has been nothing short of magical. This year marked a milestone for me, as I photographed my 50th proposal. Each proposal has been a unique story of love and surprise, set against the breathtaking backdrops that only nature can provide.

From the spontaneous joy in the eyes of the proposee to the nervous excitement of the proposer, these moments are as exhilarating as they are tender. It’s an honour to be entrusted with such significant moments, preserving them for years to come. I’m filled with gratitude for being a part of these intimate beginnings to lifelong journeys and look forward to photographing some of their weddings this year.

As I look forward to 2024, with a heart full of gratitude and a camera ready to capture more love stories, I invite you to join me on this journey. Whether you’re planning your special day or just love the beauty of wedding photography, I hope these images resonate with you as much as they do with me.

Thank you for being a part of my Best of 2023. Here’s to creating more unforgettable memories in 2024!

100 of my favourite images from weddings in Cornwall & beyond

We chose Paul as our wedding photographer. When i say we chose (it was non negotiable with my husband ha).

Paul had photographed weddings I’ve been a guest at previously for friends and i knew when i seen their photos that one day i would book him for mine! It was pretty easy to convince my partner when we met Paul prior to booking. He spent time getting to know us as a couple, figuring out what we were after and gave us some wonderful advice. We booked him straight away.

Paul was very organised especially with the group photos.I didn’t think it would be easy organising 92 people but paul made it look effortless.

We woke up the next morning to some incredible “sneaky peak” pictures which were everything we dreamed of and more. Four weeks later the full album followed and WOW WOW WOW! It just re-affirmed our decision to have Paul as our photographer.

Chelsea & Tom

Me….. doing wedding videography again!

I have a degree in Mixed media so its great to keep my finger in it. This year also saw me delve into the realm of wedding videography, a venture I find immensely rewarding. While I’ve only taken on a few of these projects, each one has been a journey of discovery and joy. One particularly memorable experience was capturing a wedding during Storm Antoni.

The dramatic weather added an unexpected, cinematic quality to the footage, enhancing the emotional depth and excitement of the day. It was a challenge that brought out a different aspect of my creativity, reminding me of the dynamic nature of love and celebration, come rain or shine.

Enjoy Emily & Ash’s highlight reel.

If you want somebody who knows his craft and the occasion, then Paul Keppel is without doubt your man: creative, artistic, adaptable and relaxed.
Paul captured our wedding beyond our expectations; the smiles, the laughter, all of those little moments are now ours to reflect on forever. He not only took great photos but was able to guide us through the events of the day, all whilst blending into the background.
You only get one chance on the big day, so make it count. ☺️

Zoe & Pete

Best of 2023

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