Wow 2021 – certainly a year to remember! 12 months when we’ve found possibilities and appreciation in unexpected places!

It’s been nice to have the extra time to spend with the kids and my partner as I haven’t been back and forth to the slopes as I usually would but I’ve definitely missed the slopes! I did manage to get out there earlier in the year which was refreshing.

It’s been amazing watching the kids grow up and they’re definitely growing up fast! It’s been great too, to see my local area of Cornwall receive so much appreciation.

But it has been a challenging year, one I’ve got through with a collection of awesome weddings, a lot of wedding proposals and some engagement shoots. I even had a wedding and christening in one, where the couple exchanged vows then went straight down to the font to christen their baby – that was extra special.

I’ve always loved shooting weddings but I’ve definitely appreciated the occasions I’ve spent shooting weddings and proposals with my Sony cam this year more than ever. I think we all appreciate the time spent in all sorts of ways a little differently now.

So to my best of 2021. It’s so hard to pick the shots for the Best Of but it’s nice to look back. It’s also interesting to see how my style has evolved since the beginning of the year because although everyone has a signature look, that style ebbs and flows in different ways each year. 

Best of 2021

I’ve added so many new wedding venues to my list in 2021, a lot of them in Cornwall understandably.

Bridwell Park, Pengenna Manor, Bovey Castle, Mount Pleasant Eco Park and Scorrier House were some of my favourite first-time venues that particularly stood out this year. All top Cornwall or Devon wedding venues I expect to return to in 2022 more than once.

There’s been a lot of secret wedding proposal shoots and engagement shoots this year. Cornwall’s made for proposals, with its dramatic landscapes and romantic locations – lots of them outdoors. It’s no surprise it’s always on the list of the top places to propose in the UK. 

As a local here in Cornwall, I have the major advantage of knowing tucked-away places, perfect for a breathtaking proposal so it’s always nice to share unique, stunning places I’ve found.

Beach proposals have been very popular and I’ve been able to suggest lots of spectacular locations for engagement shoots and proposals along the Cornish coast which is always a dream to shoot. Botanical gardens have also been popular. Head over to my Best of Wedding  Proposals 2021 for more.

Most of all, when I look back over the last 12 months, I’d like to thank all my 2021 couples. It’s been absolutely brilliant to have been just a tiny part of your day and I feel really lucky you chose me to be your wedding photographer.

I never take my work as a wedding photographer for granted. It’s always really special to be chosen every single time. So thank you so much and although 2022 looks like it could be as unpredictable as 2021, I look forward to shooting more weddings and proposals in stunning locations.

Thanks again to all my couples for allowing me to be part of their special day.

See you all in 2022.

Best of 2021 at Bovey Castle
sparkler wedding at the alverton hotel
proud dad at the green wedding venue
candid wedding photography at Bridwell Park in Devon
Bovey Castle wedding photographer
church wedding in Cornwall
Sunset wedding at Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Cornwall
Lesbian wedding in Cornwall
gay wedding at Tregedna Farm in Falmouth
Pengenna Manor wedding photographer
Kynanace Cove wedding photographer
First Dance at the Alverton Hotel in Cornwall
Stunning wedding at the Carlyon Bay Hotel
wedding at the Pandora Inn
Happy bridesmaid at Bridwell Park
Lesbian wedding ceremony at the Alverton Hotel
Documentary wedding photographer Cornwall
documentary wedding photographer at the Carlyon Bay Hotel
Wedding at the Carlyon Bay Hotel
Mount Pleasant Eco Park wedding
Dance wedding photographs at Bridwell Park
Wedding ceremony at Pendennis Castle
Cute babies at weddings in Cornwall
Happy couple getting married at Pengenna Manor
Happy wedding at Watergate Bay Hotel
Lesbian wedding in Cornwall
wedding photographs from the Alverton Hotel balcony
emotional wedding at Pengenna Manor
Christianing at a Cornwall wedding
wedding party games at Mount Pleasant Eco Park
crazy dancing at Pegenna Manor wedding
candid wedding photography at the Carylon Bay Hotel
wedding at Bovey Castle
Pengenna manor wedding
documentary wedding photography at Mount Pleasant eco park.
wedding ceremony at Bridwell Park in Devon
Tregedna lodge wedding photographer
beautiful bride at the Alverton Hotel in Truro
Singing waiters at a Bovey Castle wedding
bridal prep at the Alverton Hotel in Truro
Greenbank Hotel wedding photographer
Bridwell Park wedding photographer
Watergate Bay wedding Photographer
Kynance Cove wedding
Pendennis Castle wedding photographer
fun party games at Mount Pleasant Eco Park 1
Documentary wedding photographer at Mount Pleasant eco Park
Scorrier House wedding photographer
wedding sparklers at the Green
Firing of the canon at Pendennis Castle
Wedding photography at Kynance Cove
wedding photography at the Greenbank Hotel
wedding photography at Pendennis Castle
Stunning wedding photographs at Pendennis Castle
Happy mother of the bride at a Watergate Bay Hotel wedding
Gay wedding in Cornwall
Bridal Prep at Mount Pleasant Eco Park
Beautiful flower girl at a Cornwall wedding
Watergate Bay Wedding Photographer 2
emotion wedding in Cornwall
Scorrier House wedding photography
Best of 2021 - 100 of my favourite images 1
Alveton Hotel balcony wedding photography
Gay wedding in Falmouth
Newquay wedding photographer
wedding Confetti photographs in Cornwall
Documentary wedding photography at Pendennis Castle in Falmouth
Stunning wedding photographs at Kynance Cove
Sunset at Pendennis Castle
wedding photographs at Princess Pavillions in Falmouth
Photos in the barn at The Green in Liskeard
fun wedding at Pendennis castle
gay wedding in Cornwall 3
Documentary wedding photographer at the Alverton Hotel
Proud daughter of the bride at the Alverton Hotel
wedding at the Pandorra Inn
fun gay wedding in Falmouth
Emotional wedding at Bridwell Park
Lesbian wedding in Cornwall 1
cornish tin mine wedding photography
wedding speeches at Bridwell Park
candid wedding photography at the Eco Park in Cornwall
Documentary wedding photography at Pengenna Manor
Wedding bubbles in Cornwall
Flamingos at Cornwall weddings
wedding sparklers at the Alverton Hotel
Best of 2021 - 100 of my favourite images 2
Wedding at the Greenbank Hotel on a sunny day
proud mother of the bride at a Devon wedding
happy wedding ceremony at Pengenna Manor
Watergate Bay beach wedding photography
documentary wedding photography at the Greenbank Hotel
Documentary wedding photographer Devon
Wedding photography on the Helford River
best of 2021 at Watergate Bay Hotel
Happy Couple at the Carlyon Bay Hotel in St Austell
St Ives wedding photographer
Wedding confetti at Pendennis Castle
Beautiful wedding photography at The Alverton Hotel

If you enjoyed looking at my best of 2021 and recently got engaged, then I would absolutely love to chat about your wedding plans, I can be free most evenings for a skype call or meet up for a coffee if you are local. My availability is now extremely limited for 2022 and 2023 is booking up fast so please don’t delay in getting in touch :-)


  1. Great work Paul, some fantastic images. I love to see how you keep evolving the Alverton picture and making it personal to the couple.

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